This deck is a rework of one of my older decks, Knights in Shining Armour, which was an equipment-knight deck that never really played out the way I wanted it to. This new deck is more of a standard black and white knight deck, which I'm continually updating. It plays mostly around Knight Exemplar, which makes all other Knight creatures indestructible, and hence the name Immortal Knights. To protect Knight Exemplar the deck contains both Dauntless Bodyguard and Demonic Vigor, and with these three cards, your Knight creatures should rarely find themselves in the graveyard. To make the Knight creatures even more annoying both Brave the Sands and Sigiled Sword of Valeron gives vigilance. Vigilance works well with Aryel, Knight of Windgrace‘s destroy ability since you can attack and tap your creatures separately. I've recently added Wintermoor Commander because I feel like his last ability fits within the theme of the deck. It allows you to attack with creatures you'd otherwise be hesitant to attack with, like Knight Exemplar.


The sideboard has seen some changes and it contains cards that mix up the deck's strategy a little bit. Hour of Revelation and Zealous Persecution are such cards. Hour of Revelation wipes the board and its discount-condition of there being ten or more nonland permanents on the board is pretty easy to achieve. Since your creatures are meant to be indestructible you can just charge in afterwards. My idea for Zealous Persecution is to be able to surprise your opponent by quickly changing the power balance of combat. Gift of Immortality and Unearth are cards that really hammers home the "immortal" part of the deck's name by providing further ways to bring back creatures from death.

This version of my Knight deck plays far better than the older, Knights in Shining Armour and I think it's pretty much finished for now. As always, any feedback is appreciated.


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