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Building Voltron, in a cave with a box of scraps.

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Cleaning up my storage space, I've found that I have a lot of equipment themed cards that I usually don't use, so I decided to combine them into a low to the ground jank budget deck with a few additions for efficiency (land and card draw). It's been working better than expected, but still far from anything competitive (not surprising). Looking to make it better without dramatically increasing the budget. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Set up as much equipment as possible and drop Bruenor Battlehammer to go wide or Puresteel Paladin to go Voltron (doublestrike, trample, haste, +x/+x, where x equals number of artifacts you control).

Card Draw:

Equipment Payoffs:



These are placeholders for now as I don't think I've playtested this deck enough to really get a feel for what I should be siding for.

So this is the deck for now. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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