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Mill your opponent's library while using his graveyard to beef up your creatures! Main win con is normally milling, but i have won with attacking with my monsters, imo having a back up win-con is good. -Ghost Quarters + Archive Trap + Twincast + Fraying Sanity is a huge mill combo -Nighthowler & Bonehoard is massive if your opponent has a creature-heavy deck -switch from counters to monsters & vice versa with sideboard Any advice or recommendation is more than welcome since I´m trying to make this deck as competitive as possible!!!


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-2 Ghost quarter -2 Psychic strike -3 Nighthowler -2 Tidehollow Strix -1 mind funeral -2 fraying sanity -1 twincast -1 didnt say please


+1 Glimpse the unthinkable +2 Scheming Symmetry +3 Inquisition of kosilek +2 Collective Brutality +4 drown in the loch +1 surgical extraction +3 visions of beyond


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