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After a brief hiatus from mtg I decided to resurrect my zombie deck (although it was never really dead anyway)

I have decided to fully embrace the casual theme so I took out Sign in Blood and replaced it with Demonic Tutor and I am considering other cards such as Cremate , Mishra's Bauble, and Phyrexian Arena but I cant decide what it would replace.

As always, please play test and tell me what you think, and be sure to +1 if you like it!!

 photo 31326-Hello-Yes-this-is-Zombie-Walki-xhtm.jpeg

This is my casual mono black zombie deck. Originally I was going to make this a modern deck, but I realized that Carrion Feeder and Unearth are really what make this deck consistent and fun to play. Unfortunately its not fast enough to play in legacy so it will have to stay casual for now.

Anyway, this deck has a ton of great synergies that can take a huge chunk of health from your opponent (often times gaining you life in the process) with out ever having to attack.


Carrion Feeder+Gravecrawler:carrion feeder will be your main beater here and gravecrawlers are his favorite meal. with these two out you're able to give your feeder +1/+1 for each mana you have available, each turn.

Carrion Feeder+ Geralf's Messenger +Unearth:this is a pretty fun combo that will boost your carrion feeder up to 4/4 and messenger to 4/3, and hit your opponent for 8 health in the process with out even having to attack. If you dont have unearth you still finish that combo with at least a 2/2 feeder and a 4/3 messenger while your opponent looses 4 life just for watching.

Carrion Feeder+ Bloodghast :this isnt one of your most effective combos but when youre in a tight spot you can still pump up your feeder a bit granted you have a land in your hand you can play.

Blasting Station+Grave Crawler:this serves two purposes, but mainly I find myself using this for creature control. so long as I have another zombie in play I can just keep pinging you until all of your creatures are gone, then aim for the head.

Blasting Station+ Geralf's Messenger +Unearth:with this combo you have the joy of blasting your opponent to the face for 11 damage and ending up with a 4/3 messenger. Without unearth you still have 5 damage to the face and a 4/3.

Blasting Station+ Bloodghast not as effective as the other combos, but in a tight spot its still good for 1 damage to the target of your choice and your bloodghast will come back as long as you have a land to play.

Supporting Cast:

Blood Artist:This card in here is just awesome. With all of the creature sacrificing combos in this deck he is a given. You mean I can gain a life and deal one damage each time I sac a creature? uhh yes please.

Thoughtseize+Inquisition of Kozilek:The combos in here are very effective and can be very devastating but they take time to set up. Thats where the early game hand disruption comes into play. It allows me to remove their low mana cost cards/ combo pieces before they can play them buying me time to set up my combos.

Sign in Blood:Again, these combos need to be set up, so the faster I can draw into them the better.

Removal/ Board Wipes

Tragic SlipThis card is pretty much a given. With all of the creature sac in this deck you should have no problem giving any creature that you want -13/-13 for 1cmc.

MutilateI put this in over Damnation because 1) I need/ intend to bring back all of my creatures that die, and 2) Carrion Feeder is so easy to pump up he will almost always stay on the field (especially if you sacrifice all creatures to him before hand) leaving all of your Gravecrawler ready to come right back.


Updates Add

replaced 3x Sign in Blood and 1x Blood Artist with 4x Demonic Tutor. I think that it just all around fits the deck better, you dont loose any life, and you can search for specific combo pieces.

Im also considering Cremate Mishra's Bauble and Phyrexian Areana to make the deck a little faster, but Im not sure what to take out.


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