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The Sunfist Brigade

Standard Aggro Humans RW (Boros)




The Legion continues its march through the Dragon's Maze, and here's how we're going to achieve glorious victory on the battlefield:

Champion of the Parish - The only time this guy isn't good is when you topdeck him late. Perfect for this deck.

Nearheath Pilgrim and Lightning Mauler - Lightning Mauler hastes up my Silverblade Paladin and Frontline Medic. Nearheath Pilgrim helps win the aggro race by keeping my life total ahead and also gives me the infinite life combo with Boros Reckoner and Boros Charm/Frontline Medic.

Silverblade Paladin, Frontline Medic, and Boros Reckoner - Paladin was a no-brainer, and Medic has an unbelievable power level when combined with Lightning Mauler. The beats come early and fast thanks to indestructibility. Boros Reckoner is a solid all-around card that makes some matchups very difficult for opponents.

Hellrider and Tajic, Blade of the Legion - The only other non-human after Boros Reckoner , Hellrider is a closer that can win a game out of nowhere. Tajic, Blade of the Legion is a paragon of resilience and is fantastic to pair with any of my soulbond creatures to ramp his power level through the roof and over 9000.

Boros Charm and Searing Spear - The charm is possibly the best ever printed. Its first two modes are extremely relevant in this deck, and its final mode is occasionally useful as well. Searing Spear functions as both reach and removal.

Rally the Peasants - A favorite finisher, a wonderful combat trick, and a huge friend of Silverblade Paladin. This card won me countless games in the previous Standard environment, and I expect it to do the same here.

Ajani, Caller of the Pride - An excellent ally for making my creatures either bigger or downright lethal.

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My recent success in events with my new deck, The Nayan Apocalypse, has led to me retiring this deck. This has easily been my most popular and well-received deck on TappedOut, and I'm very grateful to all the support the community provided.

I'm especially thankful for the input from other users on card choices and suggestions, as they guided me through the deckbuilding process. This is still my most successful deck to date in terms of event results, leading me to a money finish at SCG Daytona and multiple FNM top 8s.

As for my recommendations on the current viability of the deck, I think that it's great to have the consistency of two colors over a Naya build, but right now, this deck has an extremely difficult matchup against Voice of Resurgence decks. Ideally, this deck should be adjusted to be more red-based to include Pillar of Flame or should be re-purposed as a Naya Humans or Naya Zoo build. As always, feel free to comment on the deck if you have any questions about specific matchups or card choices. Thanks for reading!

#3 in tournament @ The Game Academy (Orlando) — April 12, 2013
#4 in tournament @ The Game Academy (Orlando) — March 29, 2013

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