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Knights of the Blood Oath Playtest

Modern Jimhawk

SCORE: 56 | 4 COMMENTS | 18193 VIEWS Top 8: 01/25

The Sunfist Brigade Playtest

Standard Jimhawk

SCORE: 159 | 3 COMMENTS | 47182 VIEWS Top 8: 04/12

The Nayan Apocalypse Playtest

Standard Jimhawk

SCORE: 53 | 90 COMMENTS | 14667 VIEWS Top 8: 09/13

Justice is Done. Playtest

Standard Jimhawk

SCORE: 7 | 11 COMMENTS | 2035 VIEWS Top 8: 08/09

Boros Warriors: Strikeforce Playtest

Standard Jimhawk

SCORE: 29 | 33 COMMENTS | 5994 VIEWS Top 8: 10/30

Champion of the Immortal Sun Playtest

Standard* Jimhawk

SCORE: 39 | 34 COMMENTS | 8282 VIEWS Top 8: 12/18

Naya Done It Again Playtest

Standard Jimhawk


The Age of Enlightenment Playtest

Standard Jimhawk

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Said on What the Hell ......


WotC has no obligation to distribute colors across rarity in perfect balance. Yes, mythic rares do tend to follow this pattern, at least for mono-colored mythics, but if you did a rarity breakdown of each set you would find that there is never an equitable distribution of color across rares/mythic rares, uncommons, and commons.

I don't have a problem with the weirdness of Mardu's mythic being white. It would be weirder if it were red with the same abilities. The problem is that it should have been red with a more aggressive set of abilities if they wanted to maintain the cycle. But, as they have no obligation to make each cycle fit every single piece of organizational minutiae, they can do whatever the hell they want.

I could care less. We're getting some kickass cards regardless of cycle and color integrity.

September 8, 2014 8:38 p.m.