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In recent sets, two cards have become legal in Pauper. One is an old one but good one Groundskeeper has been downshifted to a common. The one mana 1/1 that returns basics to hand could have massive synergies with Foil , and Scythe Tiger . Both of these force you to pitch away basics in order to cast them for a massive benefit. Groundskeeper and another under-costed 3/2, Harvest Worm Can decrease the downside of losing these lands. The second piece of tech is Growth Spiral from Ravnica Allegiance. This is an Explore at Instant speed ... enough said really. It makes Daze a lot more effective and allows to hold counter magic up while ramping you.

The deck still needs help... please feel free to suggest ways to beat certain archetypes


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Elvish Pioneer did not work. Neither did Groundskeeper . They did little to game play compared to Coiling Oracle and Growth Spiral . After much play testing, the deck seems to be a strange mid-range deck. It can Side in Basking Rootwalla s and mutagenic growth to make it faster and can side in Gut Shot , Choking Vines , and Viridian Longbow to slow it down against aggro decks. The second thing is that Harvest Worm can get stranded in your hand if you do not have a basic land in the bin. To help alleviate this, Wild Mongrel s were added as 4 additional ways of dropping lands into the bin. The deck is decently complicated to play. Knowing when to discard lands, when to deploy Scyth Tiger is where I make mistakes. For example, deploying the tiger on turn 1, ditching your only forest for a few turns can be, very unfortunate and game ending. Or Gushing being able to gush two islands to hand, discarding them to the hound to unlock Harvest wurms in your hand to discard the island again to the dog can be hard to detect. This makes me feel stupid quite often.


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