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Sometimes, Desecration Demon gets sleepy. When he does, he always has a snackrifice first.

Known Combos:

  1. Add Liliana's -3 +X/X before attacking then triggering Dying Wish.
  2. Use Liliana's and Ajani's -3 abilites to give target creature +X/X, flying, and double strike
  3. AEtherling can do 17 damage and 9 heal with dying wish and 2 turns
  4. All of these are amplified if the creature was strengthened, which could happen by Necropolis Regent or Liliana of the Dark Realms.
  5. As a means of causing sacrifice to either end the game or trigger dying wish on a creature when you are done with it or it was the target of an opponent spell, use Rapid Hybridization on it to trigger Dying Wish then have a 3/3 untapped creature after.
  6. Necropolis Regent and AEtherling or creatures with Rogue's Passage out.
  7. Ultimate Combo- Liliana's Emblem is out, and you have her out as well. You have an AEtherling enchanted with Dying Wish, use her -3 to give AEtherling +X/X for the number of swamps you have (a lot), give him double strike and flying from Ajani, Use mana from Lilianas ult to pump AEtherling up with his +1/-1 until he has 1 health and is unblockable, attack, then use one more mana to triggger the Dying Wish. Lets say you have 6 swamps out, AEtherling would be at 10/11 with Liliana -3 +6/6. You then pay mana to make him a 20/1. One mana to make him unblockable, swing for 40, then kill him and trigger dying wish for another 20 damage and heal..

Desecration Demon the core of the deck, he is a 2b2c 6/6 with flying, he fuels the threat throughout the game, you want to put dying wish on this guy since he starts out beefy and will likely grow.

Necropolis Regent mid to late game creature that forces opponents to deal with your creatures or let them spiral out of control, also a good choice to enchant with dying wish. She makes other creatures and dying wish a real threat if creatures grow.

AEtherling is a monster on his own. Just wait till you have him with Dying Wish on him. If you have AEtherling out on the field, you have at least 6 mana available to you. Lets say the turn after you cast him, you put Dying Wish on him. The next turn, you spend 4 mana to make him an 8/1, spend 1 mana to make him unblockable, attack, then after combat, pay 1 more mana to make him a 9/0, causing him to die and trigger the Dying Wish for 9 damage and 9 heal. ;)

Obzedat, Ghost Council get him out as early as you can, 4 point life swing every turn, is resistant against removal, and can swing for 5 or block if you need him to.

Sin Collector - 3 mana to shut down shenanigans from your opponent, can swing for 2 and chump block

High Priest of Penance can singlehandedly hold an opponent back from attacking or playing an important card if they lack the proper removal, this makes him good for defending against ground. He is almost useless if the opponent doesnt have a non-land permanent to lose though

Tithe Drinker a strong 2 drop that provides lifelink, decent damage, and extort if necessary, is a bit weak though

Rapid Hybridization you can use this to remove a powerful enemy creature, you can use this on a creature of your own (when you are about to lose a creature to removal, or when all you need is a few more damage or a few more health to win you can also cast this on a creature with dying wish to trigger it but still have a creature left)

Syncopate a highly flexible cost and range cancel spell that exiles as well.

Ajani, Caller of the Pride low casting cost, starts with 4 counters, turns your 2/3 drop creatures into death machines (my favorite is a 5/4+ Tithe Drinker , can give flying and double strike, can also be a win condition with his ultimate

Liliana of the Dark Realms finds you swamp lands, can buff up creatures making a creature enchanted with dying wish attack then sacrifice even stronger, can put negative counters on opponent creatures

Using Ajani's and Lilianas 3 costs to buff up the same creature can be a game ending attack, especially if it has dying wish on it and you can sacrifice it after you attack.

Dying Wish This is normally reserved for Desecration Demon , Necropolis Regent, AEtherling, or Obzedat, Ghost Council generally. This give the opponent worse options when killing your beefy creature. Can combo with lilianas ult and rapid hybridization very well, you do not want to waste these on low power creatures or you will be 2 for 1ed.

Interesting note - I believe that if you have a creature enchanted with dying wish, and your opponent manages to put X more (-) counters on them than their power, it will heal the opponent for X and damage you for X!

Sideboard (15)

Azorius Charm for card drawing, target lifelink, or sending a creature back to the library

Doom Blade for cheap non black creature removal

Hands of Binding for playing against aggro decks

Oblivion Ring for difficult permanents

I will be playing this at FNM next week and will bring along updates!


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