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Noble Urborg - What the FRACK?! [Drillin' for Oil]

Noble BRG (Jund) Budget Casual Combo Land Destruction Theme/Gimmick


This deck centers around Land destruction and depriving my opponents of all opportunities. Card-by-card, the strategy is as follows:


Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - The sole source of black mana in this loverly little Jund deck. It pulses with power in the Noble format, especially, because it can be played whenever it will have the greatest effect --> no waiting for that draw. It combos with most of the deck, which focuses on Swampwalking for damage. If the opponent uses swamps, this guy waits in the wings until I need black mana.

Four Uncommons:

Spreading Algae . They really synergize with the Noble to destroy land on the cheap. Not to mention that they're 100% organic and naturally renewable land hate. Thanks to Urborg, only being able to enchant a Swamp isn't such a huge deal.


Mire Boa - A low-CMC swampwalker that hits for 2 damage every turn. On top of that, it's got removal and burn resistance with that super-cheap regen cost.

Quag Vampires - The one-drop swampwalker. Paying its standard cost gives me a clone of Plague Beetle , the swampwalk OG. The kicker is what gives this card its value, though, 'cause tapping out at turn 5 or 7 gives a 3/3 or 4/4 finisher that really pulls its weight.

Warthog - The workhorse of the deck, this guy hits for a reliable 3 damage turn after turn. Just one gives a 7-turn clock and obviously more 'Hogs shorten that timetable. While 7 turns seems like too long to be competetive, my opponents don't usually have more than 2 mana at a given time (and more often than not, less), so at that point the advantage is very firmly mine.

Dirtwater Wraith - The heavy hitter, this guy has a more reliable 3 toughness than Whispering Shade 's 1, which increases his longevity. He is usually the win-con, albeit in a very much facilitated by land-hate kind of way.

Kird Ape - Usually the first guy I drop. He is a 2/3 by the time he can swing and makes for a nice, more durable chump-blocker to save my Warthog s for more important work.

Orcish Settlers - A fairly cheap meat-shield that doubles as substantial land-removal for those Explore-ing sons o' bitches that somehow get a land-jump on me, as it were.

Thunderscape Apprentice - An unlikely addition, at first glance. He provides that extra boost to keep my Apes alive while blocking/getting hit by a Lightning Bolt, while also being a source of 1 damage that functions even if my pussy-ass opponent drops a Fog.

Enchantments and Sorceries:

Contaminated Ground - It forces a land to only generate black mana, it burns the opponent whenever they tap said land, AND it guarantees a Swampwalk outlet even if Urborg is somehow removed from the picture. Wow. Winner.

Sinkhole - Basic land destruction, while maintaining low CMC requirements. BB is easy enough to scrounge up with Urborg, and it lets me get the land drop earlier than Stone Rain did.

Mwonvuli Acid-Moss - This bad boy basically pulls off a 2-land swing, killing one of the opponent's while tutoring one for me. What fun!

Molten Rain - This makes those Khans of Tarkir lifegain lands and Ravnican Gates look less helpful than anticipated. YOU ONLY GET BLACK MANA, YOU HEAR ME?!

Roiling Terrain - Because I like to pour lemon juice directly into paper cuts and rub sand in the eyes of the fallen. Kick you while you're down (possibly to death).


Updates Add

Decided to pull Funeral Charm and Quiet Disrepair from the sideboard. I swapped in Naturalize and Electrickery instead. The 'trickery is for those 1-drop mana dorks that my local meta loves to throw around that totally mess up my game. Also, I subbed in Sinkhole for Stone Rain , per ibstudent2200's suggestion.


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