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This deck is Mostly Black Post... The Artifact control deck!

This deck is based around Trading Post and it's ability to do EVERYTHING.

some of the main combo's is just clearing a warpath for Phylactery Lich, stalling out and winning with Staff of Nin pings while it finds you answers, building up to 30 life for Chalice of Life  , Liliana of the Dark Realms making things huge, whether it's her -3 on a goat, or her -6 for Chimeric Mass, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas going for ultimate with 10 artifacts on field, and of course, infinite shock via Perilous Myr being sacrificed by Trading Post. either he is a 3 drop "deal two damage to target creature or player; return this card to your hand" OR "deal two damage to target creature or player; draw a card." would you not play that in ANY deck if it only cost 3 colorless mana? i would.

NO I DON'T WANT VAULT SKIRGE. too easily removed.


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I've been looking at other Trading Post decks ive seen around, and I really like some of the idea's they do. One of the biggest things are the wellsprings ( Ichor Wellspring and Mycosynth Wellspring ). These cards enter the battlefield to either help thin the deck or draw cards, and then get sacrificed to Trading Post to either draw two cards, or draw a card and search for a land. They are very useful utility and i felt like even just one of each in the deck is worth taking out a few cards. obviously, ichor wellspring should take the place of card draw, so i put took out one staff of nin, leaving it as a one of (which is fine, i dont need multiples) and taking out a chimeric mass which is ultimately a great card, but i dont need 2 or 3 of them. just one. so im leaving it as a two of.

I was also thinking of adding a wurmcoil engine or 2 if I can get ahold of some. in that case, I believe im going to drop a Phylactery Lich (because I need an artifact before it's useful, and as a 4 of, i may not have them ready and they will be dead in my hand) and, if I get a second one, a Tragic Slip, because dismember does it's job better early on (even at the cost of life) and relies on a second kill spell to be useful later. also, its not an artifact.


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