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This deck is Mostly Black Post... The Artifact control deck!

This deck is based around Trading Post and it's ability to do EVERYTHING.

some of the main combo's is just clearing a warpath for Phylactery Lich, stalling out and winning with Staff of Nin pings while it finds you answers, building up to 30 life for Chalice of Life  Flip, Liliana of the Dark Realms making things huge, whether it's her -3 on a goat, or her -6 for Chimeric Mass, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas going for ultimate with 10 artifacts on field, and of course, infinite shock via Perilous Myr being sacrificed by Trading Post. either he is a 3 drop "deal two damage to target creature or player; return this card to your hand" OR "deal two damage to target creature or player; draw a card." would you not play that in ANY deck if it only cost 3 colorless mana? i would.

NO I DON'T WANT VAULT SKIRGE. too easily removed.


I've been looking at other Trading Post decks ive seen around, and I really like some of the idea's they do. One of the biggest things are the wellsprings ( Ichor Wellspring and Mycosynth Wellspring ). These cards enter the battlefield to either help thin the deck or draw cards, and then get sacrificed to Trading Post to either draw two cards, or draw a card and search for a land. They are very useful utility and i felt like even just one of each in the deck is worth taking out a few cards. obviously, ichor wellspring should take the place of card draw, so i put took out one staff of nin, leaving it as a one of (which is fine, i dont need multiples) and taking out a chimeric mass which is ultimately a great card, but i dont need 2 or 3 of them. just one. so im leaving it as a two of.

I was also thinking of adding a wurmcoil engine or 2 if I can get ahold of some. in that case, I believe im going to drop a Phylactery Lich (because I need an artifact before it's useful, and as a 4 of, i may not have them ready and they will be dead in my hand) and, if I get a second one, a Tragic Slip, because dismember does it's job better early on (even at the cost of life) and relies on a second kill spell to be useful later. also, its not an artifact.

ROUND 1: R/G werewolves, 1-2NOTE: this round was vs a friend i didn't know was going to be there, so i played much more casual than I should have. so that's just me being an idiot.

Game 1: Killed him with a few Phylactery Lichs. tezzeret hit the board and turned chimeric mass into a 5/5, and he scooped.

Game 2: Okay, this was just stupid on my part. I kept a hand of 4 swamps, Phylactery Lich, Trading Post and Tragic Slip. He was on the play, and for some idiotic reason, I kept that hand vs werewolves. so turn 1 he plays Wolfbitten Captive  Flip and I Tragic Slip it. He lays down a Mayor of Avabruck  Flip and I keep drawing swamps. I scoop after he drops Instigator Gang  Flip and I see another swamp

Game 3: I was stabilized for a good long while with a Phylactery Lich and chimeric mass. then he lays down Wolfir Silverheart down on his Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip. i let cards flip, and destroy all 0 drops to kill the huntmaster. again, too casual, phylactery lich died as well. He layed down a Wolfir Silverheart and bonded it to his Wolfir Silverheart. I don't have removal that large, and it was only a matter of time until they would beat my face in. I stalled as long as possible hoping to hit another lich... didn't happen.

POST-MATCH REVIEW: I am upset that I played so poorly and just joked around thinking the match was in the bag. I have no fears of this match-up in the future, and while I am putting in more board wipe, it is not for this deck.

ROUND 2: BUG Titan Ramp 2-0

Match 1: okay, so this is a case of a bad player playing badly. he keeps a hand full of ramp and a Ponder. after pondering, he keeps a set up that lets him Temporal Mastery miracle twice. he was at 13 mana to my 5 before I beat him because he didn't have any board presence.

Match 2: this round, he ramped up to 6 mana by turn 5, and luckily at that point I had phylactery lich and Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas on the field with a Trading Post. next turn he lays down a Grave Titan. I Mutilate for 6 and kill all creatures. Tezzeret kept finding artifacts, and kept +1'ing. after a while, I find around 7 artifacts, including Chalice of Life  Flip. Then, he lays down ANOTHER grave titan. I use leftover mana to double Dismember it, bringing me down to 16. i ult with tezzeret (he had 6 counters) and go up to 30, and bring him down to 6. Chalice of Life  Flip flips to Chalice of Death, and I end my turn. NOTE HE HAS TWO ZOMBIES ON THE FIELD. He then Ponders. in response, I ping him for 5, fearing a Frost Titan. he draws into a Tamiyo, the Moon Sage and taps down my chalice (FUCK). now, with TWO ZOMBIES, and a tezzeret and TWO counters... he swings AT me, with one zombie. ???????. i go down to 28, -1 and turn chimeric mass into a 5/5, and dismember his last zombie.

POST-MATCH ANALYSIS: that deck was actually very powerful, and something I should be careful of in the future. This bad player borrowed his friend's deck and was told to playtest it. That bad guy ended the night 3-2 with it. If his friend is better than he is, i may want to think of more SB like Sever the Bloodline...

ROUND 3: UG jank mill 2-0

Match 1: Ok, so this deck revolved around sands of delerium. I ended up getting out a Trading Post. with around 10 cards left in the deck, with him at something like 18 lands (he used Boundless Realms, very jank), he milled my lone Elixir of Immortality. end of his turn, created a goat token. beginning of my turn, sacrificed the goat to return the elixir to my hand, and played it. He scooped realizing that I had infinite elixir of immortality.

Match 2: He Sideboarded in like 10 cards so i got worried. All i knew was sands of delerium was a problem, and put in Sylvok Replica and Woodland Cemetery. after he had about 10 lands out and tons of abundant growths, i layed in with sylvok replica, with trading post out and a woodland cemetery. he showed me a hand of two Door to Nothingness (his SB against elixir, apparently]] and scooped.

Post Match Analysis: I thought this deck was bad, but he ended the night 3-2 as well. so perhaps he wasn't SO bad. my deck just had all the answers it needed. and that's a good feeling.


Note: This is one of the top 5 players at my store, and an acquaintance. He always uses delver, and MB pairs up poorly, so i REALLY didn't want to play him. his delver deck is one that goes to PTQ's and could easily top 64.

Match 1: I won this due to impressive board wipe and dismember, with a lone Phylactery Lich constantly beating in his face until death. pretty straight forward, exactly what i expected game 1. Game 2 would be different.

Match 2: he sideboarded in a card i never would have expected... ever. Knight of Glory. That, and since i never got a creature to stay on the field, i lost this pretty quickly. DAMN Vapor Snag.

Match 3: okay, so this was CLOSE. he ended up hitting his Knight of Glory again and i was able to mutilate it. after beating in face for a while, he landed a Restoration Angel and moved to equip a SB Sword of Feast and Famine and i dismembered the angel. then he manages to get a spirit out with Moorland Haunt and sword of feast and famine. I'm forced to mutilate, killing my creatures. he does it again, and I have no answers.

Post Match Analysis: I need more board wipe. for Geist of Saint Traft, and for Knight of Glory or anything with Sword of Feast and Famine on it. Adding 2 Black Sun's Zenith in place of 2 Sign in Bloods because i have tons of card draw already in Trading Post and Staff of Nin. also, I need more blockers. I can't rely on Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and Chimeric Mass to protect me. Perilous Myr will do this job brilliantly, as it can be sacrificed to A. draw a card or B. recur an artifact (since it's an artifact AND a creature, meaning I can recur infinitely recur it. 3 colorless mana for a shock? BEAUTIFUL) and deal 2 damage to a creature giving problems (delver, knight of glory, a spirit...) Also, adding artifact hate main board in the form of 1 Woodland Cemetery and 1 Sylvok Replica. Also, This guy finished 4-1 on the night and got 3rd place.

Match 5: zombies 2-0

My best match up is zombies because Call to the Grave doesn't hit my Phylactery Lich, i have tons of win cons (Tezeret, Agent of Bolas ult and Chalice of Life  Flip...) other than damage, and have recuring ratchet bomb. also, grave crawlers suck once i hit Staff of Nin on the field. a few mutilates here and there, a Torpor Orb and Tormod's Crypt SB, and things start looking pretty good in the match up. so no questions act, black has no artifact removal so it cannot beat me.

ended the night 3-2, losing to a dude who went 2-3 and 4-1, and beating people who went 3-2, 3-2 and 2-3, so my tiebreakers were JUST good enough to sneak out 11th.

POST FNM: Not bad, there were tons of turbo fog and quite a few RB trading post that do it a LOT differently than i do, but I like mine so much more. i think mine is actually better, and that first round hurt me bad. next time it won't happen. Made a quick few minor changes and im good to go for next FNM

Alright guys, just developed a SB that I will get tomorrow at my card store.

Right now, i really haven't found ANY sort of match up that is well... bad for me. Other than artifact removal (which to be honest, isn't bad since trading post can recur artifacts.)

so it makes my SB options better. Obviously Sword of Feast and Famine are not good for my health. so, Sylvok Replica being an artifact makes sense for it to come in. its a body to block with, and can destroy pesky artifacts such as Sword of Feast and Famine, Sword of War and Peace and of course, That damn enchantmess (yes someone runs this deck at my store)... Battle of Wits. the Woodland Cemetery's are only to help fix mana when the sylvok's come in.

other than that... i like the idea of Torpor Orb stopping titans, Geralf's Messenger and Champion of the Parish.

Tormod's Crypt beats frites. not that I have a problem playing against frites, but it couldn't hurt to have a 0 drop artifact destroying your opponent's main strategy. add to that that you are keeping Mutilates. Tragic Slip's and Dismember's for their dorks, and their only problematic play is going to be a Lingering Souls. Hello, infinitely recurring Ratchet Bomb thanks to Trading Post.

Witchbane Orb is for getting hexproof on myself. the knowledge pool deck with curse of exhaustion is out there... as is red deck wins. I gain a TON of life against red deck anyway, but again, it ensures the victory.

I like how the deck can be modified so much just by seeing what my opponent is doing. I have heavy aggro in Phylactery Lich, or an unkillable blocker. I have tezzeret to produce giant 5/5 beaters or blockers, or fetch up some extra artifacts that could help in a situation. I have night hawk to beat in while I gain life, or create a stalemate on the board between creatures.

But most of all... Trading Post is the deck's idea, and its the decks versatility. Just today against zombies, i maintained at 6 life until i got out multiple Staff of Nin's to ping away grave crawlers and have discard fuel for life. it provides infinite security against tokens or mill because of Ratchet Bomb and Elixir of Immortality. Mutilate is just an overall great card.

all in all, I am very impressed at how this deck is playing out, and could not be more excited for playing FNM tomorrow with it... I think it will take many people by surprise.


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