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Jankiest Standard Award goes to... Scapeshift!!

Standard RG (Gruul) RGW (Naya) Scapeshift


Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is my Scapeshift deck, where Cavalier of Flame and Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar are the POW POW's. This deck, despite initial doubts, performs quite well.. a questionable amount of times..

The setting up is what makes this super fun to play, but in no terms is this a deck that you can compete with. This is Jank at heart, and requires less trials and more errors than average to get to function. I've had limited time and limited success, but the successess I've had, were most satisfying and really demonstrated how this combination of interactions can really work.

Very important to find stuff.

Rampers are here just to make things happen faster and Paradise Druid is IMO the Birds of Paradise of Standard!

Super sad about the deck being dead after rotation.. Scapeshift is fun in standard, broken in Modern.. Show

This is not really looking for help, just to remind how fun Scapeshift was while it lasted! (While waiting for the "Arena Modern")


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