When in doubt... storm out?

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This deck is Modern legal.

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2 months ago)

+4 Past in Flames main
-2 Mountain main
+6 Goblin Electromancer main
+1 Unsubstantiate main
+8 Sleight of Hand main
+3 Opt main
+1 Grapeshot main
-8 Island main
+2 Mountain main
-4 Scalding Tarn main
+2 Steam Vents main
-2 Peer Through Depths main
-2 Misty Rainforest main
-4 Past in Flames main
-1 Remand main
-8 Sleight of Hand main
+3 Shivan Reef main
+8 Island main
+8 Serum Visions main
-8 Serum Visions main
and 25 other change(s)