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Gruul Beat-down (intro series)

Modern* Aggro Budget RG (Gruul)



I am making Ten Ultrabudget modern decks!

Other decks in the series:

U/W control (intro series)

U/R Prowess (Intro Series)

the criteria given to me was this:

~ all five mono-colors must be included

~ must be $60 or less

~ diversity of strategies (they cant all be the same deck with different colors)

~ effectively "teach" the archtype without being overcomplicated (sorry, no lantern control)

~ be upgradeable into competitive modern decks

if you have a suggestion into this series, message me, and we can talk details =)

Tapped out includes basic lands in it's pricing. you can pick those up for free at any LGS. in addition, card prices fluctuate more often than i check my decks. so please bear that in mind before you comment on the price tag

Gruul bear beatdown!

So how do we do a budget full-face beatdown aggro deck? simple, you take out the Tarmogoyfs and Goblin Guides and get creative with creature choices from there.

Our goal is to establish an indomitable board state that simply cannot be outdone, and then win through pure, simple aggro. most of this deck is actually played in the full-fledged competitive versions of the same style. My own personal preference influenced the oddball cards pretty heavily.

For instance, Strangleroot Geist is something i actually played competitively both in modern and standard. I have played hundreds of games and won several tournaments off of its back, so i just keep coming back to it for aggro builds. particularly because it is so good against control.

it surprises me that Rancor doesnt get as much love as it once did. I know Abrupt Decay put the brakes on it's popularity a bit, but it's still one of the best aggro enchantments in the game.

Grim Lavamancer is one of my favorite cards for red aggro. I love it because despite functioning best in a burn deck, it has the versatility to also function with just a couple fetches and pump spells. it's one of the more expensive cards in the deck, but it fits into several modern aggro shells, so i have no qualms about suggesting new aggro players to pick up a few copies.


This one is kind of subjective in this deck, and the best version of this deck splashes white for Path to Exile, but the surefire upgrades (though unreasonably expensive) are the aforementioned Goblin Guide and Tarmogoyf.

now that's out of the way, onto cards I actually care about discussing.

Dryad Arbor is a personal favorite of mine in this deck (yes, i know it was only in the top 8 list once). the ability to fetch it with Wooded Foothills on your opponent's turn and then slap a Rancor on it is just excellent. typically, i'd run 2 copies.

Atarka's Command ~ probably the best burn spell to come out in recent years, I cant recommend it enough.

Kitchen Finks ~ a bit slow for the deck, but helps a bunch in the mirror aggro matchup, and paired with Strangleroot Geist, can set you up very nicely against control.

Wild Nacatl ~ if you want to splash white for Path to Exile, then you should also be running this and Boros Charm, as well as Lightning Helix.

Thank You!

SomeJustice - this one was for you, bud. hope it meets your friend's expectations! =D

I will admit, it's a bit more.. idk.. meta? than I generally like in a rogue archetype like budget builds. So i may build you another one, more for the fun of a different beatdown style than competitive play.

And for everyone else, thank you so much for the support on this series! Being back in class and work picking up again, i probably wouldn't have kept this going every week, but im really happy some of you are enjoying this as much as i am.


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Not much goin on this time around, just starting fresh in the comments for the actual deck posting

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