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Ok so now that I know this deck has potential its time to get it FNM ready. My sideboard has counters for most non-agro decks since turbofog decks have always been counter agro, so here's how I plan to sideboard against different match-ups:Delver - red, blue

-1 Touch of the Eternal -1 Caravan Vigil +2 Curse of Exhaustion

Black blue control/mill:

-2 Phyrexian Unlife-1 Touch of the Eternal -2 Safe Passage -2 Clinging Mists -1 Fog+2 Beast Within+2 Curse of Exhaustion +2 Elixir of Immortality+2 White Sun's Zenith

that's the two most annoying matchups for me ill figure other stuff out as I go along.


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It happened to be a 2HG this last Friday and my team failed, miserably.... And I realised this deck needs its sideboard.


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