A Standard all-in Crackdown Construct combo deck, combo-ing with Wandering Fumarole and Kazuul's Toll Collector ! To recap the combo, once you activate Wandering Fumarole to make it a creature, you can use its 0 ability an infinite amount of times to make Crackdown Construct's power and toughness infinite! This can also be achieved via Kazuul's Toll Collector 's equipment attaching ability (which can be done an infinite amount of times, even with only one equipment in play, for free. Yes, I've tried this out on MTGO and it works like that). Then either attack with Crackdown Construct (making it unblockable with Key to the City or Slip Through Space ), and win instantly, or Fling it to win instantly. WIN INSTANTLY haha ;p Standard blue control as defense via Aether Meltdown and Essence Scatter, with Engulf the Shore and Negate in the SB, card draw/search with Glimmer of Genius, Key to the City, and Whir of Invention. Some early game misdirection/defesne with Soul-Scar Mage haha.

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