Aether Meltdown


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Aether Meltdown

Enchantment — Aura

Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)

Enchant creature or Vehicle

When Aether Meltdown enters the battlefield, you get symbol:esymbol:e (two energy counters).

Enchanted permanent gets -4/-0.

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Aether Meltdown Discussion

Rhadamanthus on How does invigorate rampage play ...

1 week ago

If everything happened in the order you described it then your opponent has a 6/6 with trample (it's a 10/6 after its ability resolves, not a 10/5).

The value of X in Electrostatic Pummeler's ability is determined at the time the ability resolves. Doing something else later in the turn to change the creature's power won't go back and re-calculate the value of X for that instance of the ability. If the Pummeler already had 10 power at the time you played Aether Meltdown then its new power will be 10 - 4 = 6.

However, you could have done this a different way. Since Aether Meltdown has flash you could have cast it in response to your opponent activating the Pummeler's ability. That means the Meltdown would be already attached and reducing Pummeler's P/T at the time the Pummeler's ability calculated the value of X. In that case (assuming no further responses from either you or your opponent) the value of X would end up being just 1 and the Pummeler would be a 2/2 after the ability resolves.

Pappyy1369 on How does invigorate rampage play ...

1 week ago

SO last night me and my friend just finsihed building him a deck. We were playing and it came time for him to play Electrostatic Pummeler paired with Invigorated Rampage and he chose the first ability on the card to give creature +4/+0 and trample. Then he paid the 3 energy to give it +X/+X where X is equal to its power.When he cast that it gave him a 10/5 creature with trample. I used Aether Meltdown on his Pummeler. How would that have played out?

1) Should he end up with a 2/2 with trample since the meltdown says he gets -4/-0 where rampage gave him +4/+0 and then his double goes through and gets him 2/2or 2) Does he get to 10/5 and then the -4/-0 takes place and he has a 6/5 with trample.

I would like to know how this would work so I'm not playing it wrong :)

n0bunga on Thoroughly Standard Mill Deck

3 weeks ago

I think running Ipnu would be correct here. It's just too potent not to run. Plus, what creature in standard is more than 20 toughness? You can afford a few less Islands. Or even the Aether Hubs since you'd rather use on the Minister.

With those in the main, Unquenchable Thirst is a very strong enchantment.

You can probably afford the GY exile Desert as a side entry, especially because it kinda messes with Manic Scribe.

Your Minister seems pretty underpowered here; most energy packages run Glimmer of Genius and Aether Meltdown as they're non-exhaustible ways at generating energy, unlike Aether Hub. Might be something to consider, if that's the route you want to go.

Best advice I can offer is to visually map out the mill cards you have in your main. At a quick glance You've more than enough to mill close to 100 cards, without factoring in Fraying Sanity's multiplier and without incorporating Manic's Delirium Trigger. Startled Awake is the real deal, but I've found that you can get away with having 2; but definitely keep 4 Fraying Sanity, as the stack effects are just enormous.

And if you want to improve the potency of Manic's Delirium Vessel of Paramnesia is a nice fit.

I like where you're heading, and it seems to be in the right direction, but this could definitely use some fine tuning.

One thing to consider is to splash to run Fog effects like Commencement of Festivities and Haze of Pollen. This is the gameplan for standard (and Frontier) mill, as it allows you to stall aggressive decks while you're assembling your mill package. Not only that but it allows you to run Vessel of Nascency which tutors for your mill creatures, or Fraying Sanity.

If you'd like to take a look at any of the standard legal cards I have in my Frontier build, I absolutely encourage it:

Sandman, the Endless

Frontier* n0bunga


+1 from me, regardless. The stars rarely align for decent mill decks but it looks like we're here at the right time.

n0bunga on Curse of Mill

1 month ago

FatherFrodo if you'd like, you could just always add BFZ/SOI block cards,and when they do rotate out, try at Frontier?

Otherwise, I dig the mill strategy you've got. Some ideas (for more energy at least) are Aether Meltdown, I recently saw a package of that, Glimmer, and Minister - the former two just straight up generate energy for your creature to utilize. And I'd personally drop Aether Hubs for basics, or to finish off Ipnu Rivulet.

Lmlyvie on UW

2 months ago

I think between your Aether Meltdown and Glimmer of Genius and enough card draw you have enough energy for 2 or so Aether Hub

Whiskerbro on Smokin' Crack with a Fumarole

3 months ago

I think you'd be better of playing more card draw and removal to buy yourself time for Wandering Fumarole+Crackdown Construct, then the Kazuul's Toll Collector. Tazuul and the Construct isnt a 2 card, but a 3 card combo, because it needs a valid equipment target. Because you have only 5 equipment and 3 Toll Collector in the deck, it makes drawing this combo much harder, and if you don't get all the required pieces, the Toll Collector and equipment is simply awful, it sits around and doesn't effect the board at all. Aether Meltdown is also extremely subpar, there are many much better removal options.

With the open spaces from dropping Meltdowns and the equipment packages, I would add the following:4x Disallow4x Harnessed Lightning3x Sweltering Suns

Lastly, I would not just run 4 Essence Scatter, as its sorta subpar in some matchups. I'd either go for a 2/2 split with Negate or just replace it entirely with Censor and leave the Negate and Essence Scatter on the side, which I think I like a little better, as censor can replace itself to help you draw into the combo. Overall, deck looks fun and I'm excited to see where you take it.

Bano42 on

3 months ago


I have taken a look at your deck. Yours is very different from mine. A lot of your spells are white, and I'm going with a Mono-blue thing. So I won't discuss those differences in our decks.

I've realized cards like Aethertide Whale and Shipwreck Moray which you have in your deck weren't really working for me personally. High-mana, low-value outside of the actual energy they provide.

Deadlock Trap: I really really want to like this card. It would be extremely good if it didn't come into play tapped.

Dynavolt Tower: I'm just not running enough instants/sorceries to make this card worthwhile in my deck.

Furthermore, I'm a huge fan of Aethersphere Harvester, so I'm using this as my 3-drop instead. You should also consider Aether Meltdown as a fun energy card to sideboard.

Once I play this version of my deck, I'll let you know what I think. I'm waiting for a couple cards to come in the mail!

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