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colorless-Tron: Urza's Sacrificing

Modern Artifact Colorless Combo Mono-Green Tron



Hi! This Deck is all about When this creature dies or artifact enters the graveyard it deals damage to targets or players.

why? WTCD creatures, and ETG artifacts for damage and card draw

how? Cards are going to be sacrificing other permanents, or sacking even it's self.

what? The value doesn't end there at sacking for damage, you can tutor your library for cards all day by using tap abilities of creatures to grab what you need to go in your hand or the battlefield.

Will we get there? dont worry, your lands are huge and your card draw is ever flowing.

Best draw scenario you get Urza's Tower + Urza's Power Plant + Urza's Mine + Kuldotha forgemaster + Ancient Stirrings + forest (SOM:248) + lightning greaves to start out with, if you dont have Kuldotha Forgemaster and instead have draw tools such as Chromatic Star or Ichor Wellspring you will be golden to draw into the win soon or have three artifacts on the field to sack Inventors' Fair (if you pull it into the main board)

win cons in my meta:

  • self mill Risen Reef
  • mono blue charge counters matter/life manipulation/turns matter
  • wall control
  • Mill
  • mud
  • ninjutsu
  • Red blue instants/ral/drakes/
  • combo elves
  • mono blue copy cat/control
  • shrapnel blast mud
  • mono green eldrazi
  • white green clues and tokens
  • simic evolve
  • land destruction
  • Goblin fall
  • exhaulted shinanagins
  • ========================================= Leave a comment and a like, I've been trying to make a new competitive tron deck that I dont think anyone has seen before and this is the most I've came up with so far. A little history of the deck: it used to be a with out all the cards here in this deck list. it had Cabal Paladin Sai, Master Thopterist deck with eldrazi, later turning into a mono Tron + + = Saheeli, Sublime Artificer and Sai, Master Thopterist deck with Thought-Knot Seer as the taxes because i leaned about eldrazi death and taxes and thought my low mana costing cheep Voltaic Servant and high mana costing Scuttling Doom Engine would work with them well. I noticed the deck failed alot early game so I improved it to a pure deck. over a few months of testing adding and cutting it sits comfy as colorless, sacrificing, and explosive.


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