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pie chart Clan of the Burning Voodoo Dolls

Standard Burn Infinite Combo RGW (Naya)



I'm using various spells to deal damage to Stuffy Doll and the Boros Reckoner, the so called Voodoo Creatures.

Boros Charm can make the Reckoner indestructible so that he doesn't die from having too much damage transferred through him (poor guy). It's also a pretty decent burn spell to the face.

Garruk, Primal Hunter is there because I like having a planeswalker who wont die. He can also card draw for me to keep the flow going. Fits pretty well in the deck.

Blasphemous Act is the big bad. It's a wincon by itself.

Ground Assault is a really interesting card. In this deck, it can literally win a game out of nowhere. I've been able to, after having drawn maybe two of them through Garruk, cast them both for 4 mana and have them deal +16 damage.

Clan Defiance is also pretty good. You have the option of having it do X damage to target player, and then X damage to a Voodoo Creature, resulting in 2X damage to target player's face.

Nearheath Pilgrim is nice to soulbond to a Voodoo Creature for life. Thragtusk is nice because of obvious reasons, and because he survives a Blasphemous Act. Burning-Tree Emissary is decent because she pays for herself, acting as a chump blocker and also making Blasphemous Act cheaper.

Blind Obedience is there to help out against faster aggro decks. I'm going to playtest this deck more and it might go out.

The deck can regularly shell out a win at around turn 7-9, usually with a Blasphemous Act hitting two voodoo dolls. I've made it a lot more consistent over the days, but it still has the inherent weakness of combo decks in general: those times when you don't hit your combo. Also, I need to see over my sideboard.

Comment and tell me what you think!

(Bonus: There's an infinite life combo possible with Nearheath Pilgrim + Boros Reckoner + Boros Charm:

1) Soulbond them

2) Make your creatures indestructible.

3) Have damage dealt to Boros Reckoner.

4) Have the Reckoner transfer the damage to itself in an infinite loop while the lifelink granted by the Pilgrim give you life and they stays indestructible.

This can be done at turn 4.)



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