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Hello, my name is John-Mark and I am sixteen years old. I started playing magic around New Phyrexia after a couple friends introduced me to the game. My first deck was a U/W Flyers deck. I currently own in paper three decks, the rest I either sold or traded away. I also own about 1000-2000 commons and uncommons, which I would have sold as well had my LGS not offered me $3 for the lot. Since I am only sixteen and do not have a job, my main deck that I play is a budget standard RDW deck that I plan on entering in FNMs very soon. My favorite format is standard, and my next favorite format is standard. My favorite card is Wolfbriar Elemental, as it was my first ever rare. My favorite part of Magic is deckbuilding, and I try to build the weirdest most ridiculous decks ever. I stopped playing a little while ago around Journey Into Nyx, but playing the old Lord of the Rings TCG with my brother made me want to get back into MTG. I don't post or build as much as I did before, but if you want help with a deck, post it on my wall and I'll give you whatever mediocre assistance I can provide. Keep in mind I exclusively play standard, so my comments on non-standard decks may be limited to "Uhhhh, needs more Storm Crow."

A bit more non MTG related things about me:I live in Michigan, and Time Traveler's is my LGS. I like to read, play video games, watch sports, play hockey, and punch my dog among other things.My favorite color is blue, and my favorite food is pizza (original answers, eh?).

League of Legends username: Wabbbit. I play lots of LoL, feel free to hit me up for a game and carry me out of bronze.

MTGO username: Wabbbit. Never use MTGO.

BZFlag username: King Rabid Rabbit. Download this game, it's a blast. Only like thirty people still play it because it's kind of outdated (okay, very outdated), but it is so much fun, even if I don't play it all that much anymore.

My former tappedout username was buffy! Felt like I needed the change, since I'm going into a new season of Magic playing. I also use this username for nearly every account I have on anything, and buffy was just outdated. I have blue in my username colors because it's my favorite color, green because I like green and my old username used the color, and the red shadow is to show my devotion to red in standard going forward. RDW is cheap, and usually always decent in the meta, so for a budget player it is the most obvious choice of deck to play, as you won't be spending as much $ buying new cards as you would if you play a completely different deck each rotation. I look forward to playing mono-red for the rest of my FNM Magic career, and that's why I have the red shadow. I chose the font because it reminds of the Detroit Tigers old english D logo. Go Tigers!

My current projects, and the only decks I own in paper:

Seeing Red (Kaladesh Testing)

Standard* Wabbbit


I think you'll appreciate this story:

I played a game of League last night with a friend - I was top as Gnar versus Yorick, and my friend was trying to learn LeBlanc mid versus a Veigar. I stomped Yorick (4-1 in lane, died during a dive..but I got him!) and my friend kept getting one-shot.

The game was relatively even, we had map pressure but zero teamwork to get a fight going. Eventually we managed to ace them and get two inhibitor towers, the inhibitors, and both Nexus turrets down. We had to back out once their 20-kill Kha'Zix spawned.

Fast forward a few minutes and we chase them off of Baron. I jump-transformed-flashed into their team AND SENT MY ULT THE WRONG WAY. I'm really bad with Gnar's ult for some reason. I think the quick cast is funky for me... Anyways, I didn't hit them into anything and we got aced due to my stupidity and they rushed our base.

Kha was BM'ing and just clearing minions, but didn't realize that there were a half dozen super minions wailing on their Nexus. Once he realized, he started to attack our Nexus and it was so close that I had no idea who had won until the screen popped up....WE WON.

It was hilarious.

September 7, 2016 11:11 a.m.

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When you read the bold red lettering after testing out the new T/O "highlight illegal cards in borders" feature. I thought I broke the site lol.

September 23, 2016 10:24 p.m.

The deck with Chandra for sure will be a strong contender. Budget will be doable but obviously not as strong.

September 23, 2016 10:17 p.m.

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I think you can afford to cut some lands, down to 22 or so since your average CMC is at two right now. I would also consider Aether Hub for fixing an more energy for Hellion/Lightning as well as maybe Bomat Courier.

September 23, 2016 7:29 p.m.

Courier in and of itself honestly isn't that strong, but just the fact that it's a turn one artifact that can get damage in is what's most important. If it was a mana 1/1 artifact creature with haste and nothing else it still would probably get played.

Nothing really. I was planning on typing "stroke of genius" anyway and then I thought "hey, I think that's a card" so I just linked it haha.

September 22, 2016 10:09 a.m.

Yeah that's always been the risk and rewards of Mono-Red. If you can't get them low enough to finish them off with burn before the big stuff starts coming down.....you're screwed. Unlicensed Disintegration definitely helps with that. Keep me updated on your playtests!

September 21, 2016 11:27 p.m.

@clayperce: Thanks for the publicity! :)

September 21, 2016 10:21 p.m.

I'm still not terribly in love with Thermo-Alchemist (never have been) but Unlicensed Disintegration may be a Stroke of Genius.

Definitely let me know how it runs if you get the chance to test it. My version is currently 11-5 in games on Trice.

September 21, 2016 10:19 p.m.

I think this looks really solid. That being said I think my list is really solid as well. These are the best two budget RDW-ish lists I've seen. Well done, you've made this a lot harder haha.

September 21, 2016 10:18 p.m.

I also really like the Unlicensed Disintegration splash. Hmm, and I thought I'd solved the budget RDW puzzle. I'll have to see how smoothly it runs without investing in duals which I'm not going to do. The closest I'm coming to that is Aether Hub.

September 21, 2016 10:16 p.m.

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Haha thanks man! All my hard work submitting that one card didn't go to waste! :D

September 20, 2016 6:42 p.m.

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Bummer :/

September 20, 2016 4:32 p.m.

Seems to have slipped both our minds!

September 20, 2016 1:42 p.m.

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Because I submitted one (Lathnu Hellion) and never got a token. Not sure if this is still a thing or not.

September 20, 2016 1:41 p.m.

Noice +1.

September 20, 2016 1:33 p.m.

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I'd throw in some of the colorless lands like Ruins of Oran-Rief.

September 20, 2016 1:31 p.m.

Seems cool! What are your thoughts on that 3/2 for RW that I forget the name of?

September 20, 2016 1:28 p.m.

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I'd probably drop either the Fiery Tempers or Incendiary Flows. Temper is just so good off of Smuggler's Copter. She'd definitely go in.

September 20, 2016 10:43 a.m.

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So after much deliberation and 30 cockatrice playtest games later, this is the post-rotation list I've come up with. Let it be known I had it before Gerry T over on SCG did, although we differ on some choice :P.

4 Bomat Courier

3 Pia Nalaar

4 Smuggler's Copter

4 Collective Defiance

4 Incendiary Flow

3 Fiery Temper

4 Lathnu Hellion

3 Harnessed Lightning

4 Aether Hub

1 Blighted Gorge

17 Mountain

2 Falkenrath Gorger

4 Inventor's Apprentice

2 Reckless Bushwhacker

Still tweaks to be made, but I feel this is pretty solid. No Chandra, Torch of Defiance due to budget constraints.

September 19, 2016 9:02 p.m.

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Can you cast a creature and tap it the same turn it comes into play to crew a Vehicle that you played the turn before?

September 17, 2016 11:01 p.m.

September 15, 2016 10:35 a.m.


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