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This deck focuses on getting gates on the field to play off of Gateway Shade's effect of tapping a gate to get +2/+2. Cheaper creatures litter the deck to serve as quick swingers / fodder as enchantments make smaller creatures bigger, and Village Cannibals ensure that losses are recouped with +1/+1 counters. Executioner's Swing, Grisly Spectacle, Dead Weight, Killing Glare, and others make sure to keep the opponent's creatures in check while Merciless Eviction can wipe the field if anything gets too scary. Elixir of life keeps the deck recycling, and can help to reshuffle if the draw isn't going as planned.

Obviously this is a bit rough, and I plan on tooling it to make it work better, such as replacing gates that don't have my colors with Orzhov's, and others that at least offer Black or White.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed.


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