Bouncing Faeries Everywhere

Hello everybody,

I don't play Magic for too long but I wanted to edit my modern budget faeries deck.

The mechanic of this deck is base on overwhelming opponent with counter and, in the same time, place your creature step by step. The synergy is very important between creatures (all are fearies) and you'll become more and more powerful.

This deck is structured in 4 parts :

  • Minions
  • Bouncers
  • Controllers
  • Boosters

This deck needs low cost cards to guarantee you have at least one creature on the battlefield. It's important because some card can't be played without remove them from the game, especially (Quickling, Mistbind Clique, Familiar's Ruse, Vapor Snag, Blink of an Eye).

That's why I choose 8 creatures with :

Basic 1/1 fearie with flying. Get boost from Scion of Oona, maximizes the counter of Spellstutter Sprite and can be championed by Mistbind Clique

In addition to Zephyr Sprite bonus, this card allows you to draw when another Faerie Miscreant is on the battlefield. So, if you already have one Faerie Miscreant, you get a free draw for . Furthermore, this deck come with lot of bounce cards so you can take back this faerie on your hand (Quickling, Vapor Snag, Familiar's Ruse, Blink of an Eye) and play it again to draw. Finally, you can Champion it with Mistbind Clique. When Mistbind Clique leave the battlefield, Faerie Miscreant will re-enter and trigger the ability (if another Miscreant is on the BF).

I call "bouncer" the cards which allow you to take a creature back in your hand or to remove it from the game temporary.

This ability can save a creature from a target/global spell and give you the possibility to play the card directly (more of the cards have "flash")

Flash 2/2 creature card. You can play it whenever you want to save a creature or to re-play a creature. Quickling is much stronger than minions faeries and can grow faster with Scion of Oona. Remind that you can't loose both of your creature in the "sacrifice it unless you return another creature" process. The reason is returning another creature you control to its owner’s hand is optional. You may choose to sacrifice Quickling, even if you could return a creature.

One of the greatest card in this deck. For you have a 4/4 faerie with flash and you can champion another faerie. The faerie you champion go out the play and come back when the faerie leave the BF. It's very interesting because you can keep a faerie secure until Mistbind Clique die or return in your hand. Generally, I champion a Faerie Miscreant to give myself a draw. I'll detail the tapping part of the "champion" ability in the control section.

With Familiar's Ruse, you have both a counterspell and a bounce. It can be used to counter a spell and to get back an important faerie you'll use. Don't forget most of faeries cards have flash so you can respond directly, even if it's opponent turn.

Vapor snag can be use in many different way. The best way for me is to use it against opponent's creature when they attack. Be patient, don't use it directly when enemy play a creature. Usually, if it's an important creature, he'll try to re-play it next turn. It's really interesting to prepare a counterspell (Familiar's Ruse, Mana Leak or Spellstutter Sprite). You can also use it like a mini burn to surprise your opponent. The last way is to cast Vapor snag on your creature if you want to protect it. I generally keep this spell to build a combo with a counter. Unsummon can be use too. The mana cost is the same but the card doesn't inflicted damage (for you or your opponent)

Blink of an Eye is used like Vapor Snag. You can return any nonland permanent in its owner's hand. I cast it when the opponent is trying to use a critic permanent like trap's enchantment or planeswalker. I prepare my combo to counter the permanent. With this card, you can dodge lot of trap deck or combo deck (on theory). In mid/late game, i'll have plenty of island but your hand will decrease. Use this spell with the kick to draw an extra card.

Like I said before, Familiar's Ruse is the best counterspell if you have at least one creature on the battlefield.

I choose this wellknown counter for 2 reasons. First of all, it's a pretty cheap counter (only ). Secondly, even if the opponent can pay , I generally play this counter when the enemy don't have enough to pay.

The last faerie in this deck and one of the most important. This 1/1 flash card can be very annoying. Without any others faeries on your battlefield, you can counter CMC spells. In early this counter is pretty useful or against deck with low average CMC. During the game and thanks to our 8 minions, you should always have at least one faerie on your battlefield so you can counter easily CMC spells.

I come back on this card in the control section because it's the most powerful spell on the deck. In addition to the 4/4 flash and the capacity to secure one of your faerie, the champion ability is a great control to block your opponent. Play this card in the beginning of the enemy turn to tap all lands he controls. With at least 5 mana you can hard counter him and bounce Mistbind Clique into your hand before your turn. You can also bounce the card after attack him, Mistbind Clique will be ready for the next enemy turn. If you can play this again and again, just make sure you have at least a counterspell to prevent your opponent to play an instant on your Mistbind Clique before it enters on battlefield. The little bonus is the soft lock combo with Mistbind Clique + Quickling .

The weakness of this deck is the damages dealt to you opponent because you have lot of 1/1 creatures. This is 2 cards to boost your damage and add a nice element of surprise.

I wouldn't detail this land but I generally use it in mid/late game. The reason is I think it's risky to spend in early for attacking. I'll explain my global game play later.

Again a flash faerie ! This creature can boost all your faeries during the attack/block step or protect them if they are targeted. Be aware it's "others faeries" which gain +1/+1 and shroud. Just put another Scion of Oona on your battlefield to insure all your creature are secure.

First of all, you should always have at least one creature on the battlefield or a cheap one in your hand (with 8 minions you have an high probability to have one).

The second point is to manage your mana. Almost all cards have flash so you don't have to play during your turn. Counter you opponent when he plays and spend the remains manas with creature spells. For instance, with two you can use Quickling to bounce Faerie Miscreant and play it the next turn.

In the same time, try to put more and more minions in the game and don't hesitate to attack each turn. The opponent will be forced to target these annoying creatures and your bounce will be a hard counter. In the other hand, don't overextend too much because this deck can be weak against mass spell (if you loose your minions).

Finally, I didn't speak about the amount of mana (X23). Thanks to bounce, you should always have cards to play. Either in your hand or on your battlefield. But, the limit is your mana. Combos like "bounce & play" are powerful but expensive. Moreover, it's nice to prevent enemy spell so you'll have to keep 1 or 2 mana to cast counterspell. That's why I decide to put 23 mana card. With draw bonus, you'll be able to play one mana each turn. In summary, more mana, more bounce, more spells, more combos, ... MORE COMBOS !

Last but not least, be patient. Lock and delay the early game with your counters. In mid game, disturb him with your "big" faeries abilities and attack with minions. In mid/late, play combo to freak out your opponent.

The core of the deck is centered on faeries. However, you can adapt it depending on you opponent deck. Especially with controls/bounces cards which can be easily replaced.

If your opponent doesn't have dangerous lands, don't hesitate to switch for Echoing Truth or Blink of an Eye. Boomerang is versatil but Echoing Truth and Blink of an Eye are more powerful. Blink of an Eye is strong for all non-oriented lands deck, Echoing Truth is useful against token and aggro decks for instance and Boomerang will be better against lands decks.

Lot of blue decks players like to play with Serum Visions. In addition to the draw, this card allows you to prevent your nexts draws with the "scry" ability. Don't forget it's a ritual spell so it can't be played anytime and you have to draw before the scry. This card is useful when your opponent play a deck with a wellknow mecanic, so you can fully anticipate his moves. Even if this card is cheap, keep in mind that you should often need that one mana to complete a fearie combo.

If your enemy decks is build around enchantment or artifact, don't hesitate to replace some Mana Leak and/or Vapor Snag by Annul. This card is barely free to use and will be freaking useful.

Same as Annul. You can mix Annul and Hurkyl's Recall to replace Mana Leak and/or Vapor Snag. Hurkyl's Recall is very good against artifacts decks. Use Annul after Hurkyl's Recall to really counter the artifacts.

If you have some difficulties to kill your opponent, you can use Favorable Winds to boost your troops. Try to remove some counter card and/or some Zephyr Sprite. You'll have less creatures but more powerful. Of the same kind, you can play Biomass Mutation to put your fearies on steroids when they attack.

For all graveyard base deck, you should add Tormod's Crypt (or Relic of Progenitus).

You can check the mayboard on the top of the page. All the cards in the mayboard are REALLY useful but aren't budget. So, feel free to add these cards into your deck.
Thanks for reading (wow, you don't give up !). Hope you liked it. Sorry for my miserable grammar/spelling in English. I don't have an huge experience in MTG so don't hesitate to comment or suggest cards.

Cya !


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