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Black Sac Attack!

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Black Sac Attack

The basis of this deck is to sacrifice your own creatures to benefit you in multiple ways. From life loss to board control this deck will dominate your opponents, especially in multiplayer. The ridiculously low CMC of this deck makes it an early threat that doesn't let up until you've "sacced" your opponents to death.

-Zulaport Cutthroat and Blood Artist really allow this deck to passively drain your opponents. Having at least one out usually wins you the game. That's why we have 4 of each.

-Tenacious Dead, Reassembling Skeleton and Nether Traitor are the disposal fodder that keep coming back for more.

-Pawn of Ulamog gives you saccing fodder as well as mana when you need it.

-Carrion Feeder is a free and easy sac outlet as well as potentially becoming a huge creature.

-Grave Pact is the bread and butter of this deck. Once this baby comes out, I more or less, control the board.

-Westvale Abbey  Flipis a big ass creature that really doesn't cost this deck too much to get!

-Bonesplitter is for a sac outlet and creature removal early game.

-Altar's Reap giving me card advantage and sac outlet.

-Skullclamp for card draw. Best if used on tokens or the sacs that keep coming back.

This deck is absolutely bonkers and I absolutely love playing it!

If you liked it please upvote to avoid becoming Bone Splinters!!


Was at 61 cards so I removed 2 Go for the Throat and added 1 Zulaport Cutthroat. I have enough kill spells and with Grave Pact there is no need for Go for the Throat

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This deck is Casual legal.

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+2 Skullclamp main
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