Black Sac Attack!

Casual* Dredgar


Nov. 28, 2016

After extensive gameplay I have decided to work out a couple of flaws in the deck.

-3 Mortician Beetle for 3 Zulaport Cutthroat. While the beetle did a great job at what it was made for, he just never pulled his weight. Even when he was a 10/10 he doesn't have trample or unblockable. So I traded him for the cutthroat. With him I insure to always be dealing damage to my opponents.

-2 Relentless Dead for 2 Bloodsoaked Champion. I found that the relentless was just too expensive to bring back and it only returned to my hand. He also needed to be paid for right then and there. With the champion ,he is only a one drop and I only need to attack to bring him back. I can attack with a token or one of my sac creatures and just sac it before they can do anything.

-4 Gravecrawler for 4 Tenacious Dead. The crawler is amazing but the key to his success is zombies. With my changes it does not leave enough zombies for him to be usable. So the next best thing to a zombie is a skeleton!

I really think the changes I made, made this deck much more competitive and versatile. Even against a creatureless deck I can just sac my own guys to damage them.

Please let me know if you disagree with the changes and why.