First turn Exploration, every time? Hell yes.

Gruul Turf, Izzet Boilerworks, and Simic Growth Chamber give us quite the manabase, while best taking advantage of our doubled capacity to make drops. Also note that they can chain off eachother indefinitely if need be, which is important since our big threats are Baloth Woodcrasher , Plated Geopede , and Windrider Eel . Grazing Gladehart keeps us alive long enough for things to get silly, while Mulldrifter helps keep the hand stocked with more land to drop and more stuff to actually use with all that mana. Yavimaya Elder is a flexible role-player.

If the opponent stabilizes or we need to wipe a wave of weenie, Rolling Thunder just begs for a double-digit tap-out. If that and the fliers aren't enough, Flamewave Invoker provides further inevitability.

AEther Tradewinds and Soratami Rainshaper give us more land drops while disrupting.


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After some play it's clear the deck wants to be rampy midrange aggro foremost, with the card draw and tempo plays in a supporting role. It needs to capitalize on the early momentum granted by Exploration more than it needs to eke out synergistic value (though a more control-oriented version of the deck could certainly be built, starting with Mana Breach ) and the first step in fixing that is cutting Temur Charm in favor of the fourth Baloth Woodcrasher .

Citanul Woodreaders is also counter to that plan and is out. That frees up room to tackle the other problems I've noted with the deck:

First, a difficulty in dealing with top-end threats (especially now that there's even more common Eldrazi running around, and Hardened Scales ) and second insufficient ways to return our own lands for the sweet double bounce. More AEther Tradewinds helps with both.

Third, closing out games is sometimes difficult, even with fliers, since Rolling Thunder can't usually dome them unless you're already doing well. A pair of Flamewave Invoker s should help with our inevitability.


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