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United Power of Reborn Sacrifice

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This deck revolves around undying creatures and cards that remove +1/+1 counters. It's capable of bringing out incredibly big creatures.

The Undying Menace

They form the core of the deck. They make up almost a third of my nonland cards, and all carry undying.

young wolf strangleroot geist
butcher ghoul geralf's messenger

Removing the Counters

Why on earth would you want to get rid of +1/+1 counters? Usually you wouldn't, but removing them from undying creatures lets them come back from death once more. Once? No, I'll do it over again and again, and every time they bring back more dark power for me to utilize.

scarscale ritual ooze flux

Sacrifice and Death Profiteers

So what if my opponent doesn't attack or refuses to block my creatures? What's immortality worth if there's nothing to die from? I summon the reaper and receive his payment. I also sacrifice creatures to prevent them from getting exiled or when they're about to die anyway. Other cards profit from death passively, inflicting harsh consequences on the opponent. I'm especially fond of Savra, Queen of the Golgari , because I have to deal with protected creatures quite often.

altar's reap Bloodflow connoisseurblade of the bloodchkefsavra, queen of the golgari

Sacrifice and Death Profiteers, Part 2 - the Sideboard

Ghave, Guru of Spores and Ashnod's Altar are parts of a combo that gives infinite tokens, counters or mana with any undying creature. Blood Artist is great, but it often finishes the game before it's really fun. For that reason, I keep these cards in the sideboard and change them in for use against competitive opponents.

ghave, guru of sporesashnod's altarblood artist

Improving Consistency

A searching engine is important for this deck, as it combines many different kinds of pieces. I'm quite satisfied with it, but it can always become better. Feel free to suggest additions, especially for searching black cards.

green sun's zenith dimir house guard

The Undying wants you!

Well, not as a recruit, but your advice, suggestions and votes are welcome.


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