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Trade-In Scheme [Pauper Infinite Artifact Combo]

Pauper Artifact Combo Infinite Combo WUB (Esper)



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A sturdy Pauper artifact deck, with a couple 3.5-card infinite combos thrown in:

  1. Mortician Beetle // Glaze Fiend
  2. Myr Retriever (and another in the graveyard)
  3. Ashnod's Altar

Sacrifice one Myr Retriever to Ashnod's Altar, fetching the other back - hence the deck's name. You can then infinitely retrieve and cast them with the generated mana. Pair this with any of the deck's payoffs and you've got some solid win-cons!

Not unlikely win on turn 3 is as follows:

Arsenal Thresher: A fantastic hard-hitter, which can turn dead draws and bad starts into explosive mid-game plays; the more artifacts you have stuck in your hand, the bigger it grows!

Ashnod's Altar: The key part of the deck; this activates the infinite combo, and can somewhat help with ramp, and using Workshop Assistant to fish up other artifacts when needed.

Barren Moor: Seems an appropriate one-of, allows for less dead draws.

Brainstorm: Allows some good sifting and sorting of the deck.

Cast Down: As a dimir deck, it would silly not to take advantage of very powerful removal spells.

Dimir Aqueduct: Allows you to occasionally return an artifact land to your hand, which Arsenal Thresher and Glaze Fiend are grateful for.

Etherium Sculptor: A key piece for boosting your earlier turns.

Faerie Mechanist: Is pretty handy - allows you to fill up your hand in the late game, and sits around long enough to feed Arsenal Thresher as a bonus.

Glaze Fiend: Is an alternative to Disciple of the Vault when necessary, pumping infinitely and flying in often unblocked. Can also swing for a surprising amount of damage on ordinary turns, when you consider the artifact lands.

Halimar Depths: Can be useful at any point in the game for sorting cards, pairing well with self-mill cards.

Lonely Sandbar: Again, allowing less dead hands.

Mortician Beetle: Turns your infinite combo into damage.

Perplex: Is a nifty counter, as well as a tutor for Ashnod's Altar.

Ransack the Lab: Is important for putting Workshop Assistant into the 'yard, and pairs well with Reconstruction when storing cards for fishing out later.

Reconstruction: With a deck that self-mills, this sort of option is great for comebacks and accidental key piece mill and such.

Seat of the Synod: Incredibly helpful, all sorts of synergies.

Thought Scour: Allows some minor mill and draw.

Vault of Whispers: Again, bloody useful.

Witching Well: Is pretty nice for artifact synergies, and draws decently in the late game.

Myr Retriever: The final key piece; cycles infinitely if you have another in the 'yard.

Feedback and suggestions very welcome!


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