Somewhat classic Jund package, but with a lot fewer lands. Faithless Looting + Wrenn and Six helps to keep hitting land drops. 18 lands with 4 field of Ruin hasn’t been a problem so far.

Madcap Experiment + Platinum Emperion steals a lot of games 1s and also hoses a lot of linear strategies.

Raven’s Crime + Lili for a ton of discard since Wrenn can pick up lands for Raven’s Crime.

Plenty of 1 CMC spells do discard to Faithless Looting as well, since Dreadhorde Arcanist can Flash them back.

Forked Bolt over Fatal Push in the Main because Liliana’s biggest weakness is tons of small creatures. Forked Bolt can also go to the face in matchups where it is dead and can be flashed back with Arcanist for a lot of extra reach.

Deck still could use a bit of tweaking in terms of the specific numbers of each card perhaps, but overall I’m pretty happy with the deck so far.

Please leave some feedback and give the deck a try.


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