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LEnd Me That Mirror, Try Not to Break It

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Living End, Now featuring New and Improved Mirror Breaking!

I may or may not be a scumbag.

So this isn't an original idea on my part. I'm sure most people who stumble across this will have seen the amazing Living Twin or End of Twin or Twinning End or -insert clever name here- deck before.

I was actually going to start building this deck a while back when I first saw it on MTGTOP8's Rogue Deck of the Month.

Then a few months later Wizards had to make everybody sad and ban the most unfair fair card in the format.

Well the other day while trying to come up with other stupid uses for Goryo's Vengeance I saw Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and I said screw it. I still want to make this deck and there's still a way to do it.

I wanted to build Living End + Splinter Twin before they banned Twin. Now I'm resolving to still do it the hard way with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker.
So I used multiple .sources .of .inspiration to build this. I still consider it a work in progress to find the right balance and maybe there's some hidden utility cards out there that can be of great use.
I jammed it on XMage for about a month and a half before they banned Splinter Twin and it's just so stupid sometimes. Give it a shot before you just shoot it down.

"CYCLE CYCLE CYCLE CYCLE CYCLE CYCLE.... Oh Look... I have Twin combo in my hand... Huh... GG?"

-gets countered/killed-

"Oh... Okay... kill your things. Play mine. GG?"

What is even more significant about using Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker as the main catalyst for the combo over the absent Splinter Twin is it's further synergy with Living End should he or his friends get removed.

This deck will NOT be used to discuss the Twin banning and before you bash the concept of smashing these two combos together, I urge you to actually try it.

So if you know something about Kiki or LEnd that I don't know (which there's probably a lot I don't know), then please enlighten me and give me some advice/suggestions. Upvote if you like.

Feed me your thoughts. I'll have a more formal description once I'm comfy with a final decklist.


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