Spooky Exile matters deck for modern. Currently no idea how good it is, but given all the graveyard decks there are in modern right now it's just really nice to be running maindeck relic in what is essentially a graveyard deck that doesn't get hosed by graveyard hate, because no one is allowed to touch exile.

Basic idea is mill yourself, play your threats, and then instead of letting them sit in the graveyard, just exile them, either to play out Gurmanglers, the Ruinator, or just recover your little heap of Scrap, or when you're hard up for that self grave hate, Relic of Progenitus has your back.

Eternally sad that you can't activate any of these sweet abilities from exile if you exile them with Inverter of Truth. Now officially some significant fiddling in, help is welcome but I think I'm closing in on what I want.


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