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Brewing Modern on a Budget: Blood of Madness

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos) Budget Competitive Tribal Vampires



Hello!, this is my friend's deck and he's looking to make it even stronger and more competitive, while staying on a budget. Any suggestions you have are welcome!

The main idea my friend had behind this deck was to take advantage of the madness mechanic in order to cheat out creatures for a strong and aggressive start. I'll try to do a primer style like I've done with other decks I've put on here.


Asylum Visitor: A "Bad Bob", Asylum visitor has some awesome synergies with this deck, as since this deck wants to discard cards in order to fuel it's madness engine, getting to one or fewer cards isn't very difficult, and being a 3/1, Asylum Visitor is a very aggressive start.

Bloodhall Priest : Similar to Asylum Visitor Bloodhall Priest also works with this deck's strategy by being a creature with madness, as well as simply being a 4/4 we can play for 3 that has potential to deal out 6 damage per turn.

Bloodmad Vampire : One of the best turn 2 plays this deck can make, Bloodmad Vampire is a great way to start immediately putting pressure on our opponent, as a 4/1 turn 2 can be pretty scary.

Call the Bloodline: While this card may not seem to be very aggressive, Bloodline actually allows this deck to survive against damage combo decks, as well as giving a continual discard outlet. Since this deck only needs about 4-5 lands in play to do basically anything in the deck, discarding lands and cards that don't affect the game for token generation can be very rewarding.

Fiery Temper : Since this deck has so many discard outlets, Fiery Temper is effectively lightning Bolt, except since it has Madness it can be a better play than if we just played lightning bolt.

Heir of Falkenrath  : Heir may not look like much, but free discard is always something this deck is looking to have, and having an evasive 3/2 flyer on top of something like Fiery temper can be a great way to start pressure.

Inquisition of Kozilek: Against a deck like Boggles, discard is essential if we want to do anything in game one, as well as fighting any non-creature based combo decks.

Insolent Neonate : Probably the most synergetic start this deck has have, Insolent Neonate opens up the window for our turn 2 plays, as many cards in this deck have a madness cost of 2 or 1, and Insolent Neonate provides that ability, it also has a great synergy with Skin Invasion   .

Lightning Axe: The Dismember to this deck that has a discard outlet within, Lightning Axe allows us to kill big creatures that ordinarily we would be unable to kill because we aren't matched in power.

Olivia, Mobilized for War: A very flavorful turn 3 play, Olivia allows for some great discard plays since this deck drops so many creatures onto the board, and a 3/3 is just solid in general.

Pale Rider of Trostad : A card that I think should be played over Rotting Rats, Pale Rider has a built in discard ability, and being able to get around bigger creatures with a 3/3 can be awesome.

Skin Invasion   : In addition to the synergy with Insolent Neonate , this card can be played on almost anything on the board, as the removal and strong creatures enable this to be an instant value card.

Stensia Masquerade: Besides the madness cost, since almost every creature in the deck is a Vampire, almost all creatures gain First Strike, and with something like Bloodmad Vampire on the board, First Strike is very underrated.

Stromkirk Condemned: Played asa one of due to it's double black mana cost, Stromkirk acts as a pseudo lord with discard synergy, making it a great one of to the deck.

Tormenting Voice: This deck's form of card advantage with discard synergies, Tormenting Voice allows a lot of plays, especially when you hit 5 mana.

Dragonskull Summit, Blood Crypt, Bloodstained Mire: Trying to keep the cost down as much as possible with the dual lands.

Mountain, Swamp: We got Basics.


Duress: Great discard against combo decks and other noncreature based decks.

Geth's Verdict: Our anti boggles card.

Inquisition of Kozilek: Just adding one more to make sure we have a full playset in total.

Jaya Ballard, Task Mage : She's got crazy discard synergy, and is just overall value in this deck.

Pyroclasm: Should we face an aggro build or token build faster than us, we do have a couple answers.

Slaughter Games: how to say no-no-no to combo decks and other decks that have a heavy dependency on a single card.


The cards in the maybeboard are the other cards that have madness that would be interesting and are modern legal, as well as any suggestions that come up.


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