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Bushwhacker Zoo



I've been playing Naya Burn for a few years and decided to pick up the requisite commons/uncommons to play Bushwhacker Zoo. The new cards in Aether Revolt, Narnam Renegade and Hidden Herbalists are intriguing to me.

The Usual Suspects or Who is Keyser Soze?

  • Kird Ape: Solid 2/3 for 1 mana.

  • Wild Nacatl: Can be 3/3 for 1 mana, and is easily achievable with the mana base.

  • Experiment One: Can also be 3/3 for 1 mana, as long as the sequencing is correct with a Nacatl/Kird Ape to get the 2nd counter.

  • Goblin Guide: The most efficient red one drop.

  • Burning-Tree Emissary: Bear that triggers E1 and makes mana when it enters. It can lead to broken T2s by chaining into a Reckless Bushwhacker with Surge.

  • Reckless Bushwhacker: A pump spell on a stick if you can get Surge online.


  • Atarka's Command: The usual modes for this will be pumping creatures and dealing 3 damage to deliver a finishing blow. BTE can cast it in a main-phase. It can be used to enable T3 Surge with the ramp mode for land number 4 followed by Bushwhacker.

  • Mutagenic Growth: This can save a creature from a Bolt, get that last bit of damage, or enable Surge.

  • Lightning Bolt: In Zoo, we want to use this to clear blockers but it can also finish off a player.

New Additions from Aether Revolt

  • Narnam Renegade: This deck plays Kird Ape anyway, and a fetch heavy build can easily trigger Revolt which makes this Kird Ape with Deathtouch. This one seems like an automatic include.

  • Hidden Herbalists: This one is less obvious in the deck because of GG instead of RG and can't Surge Reckless Bushwhacker, but it's been fantastic in testing. Herbalists can cast any of the 12 1-drops for G, itself, and Burning-Tree Emissary. Herbalists gives more ways to dump extra creatures onto the board for free and gives an extra way to chain multiple Burning-Tree effects.


The deck only plays 18 lands since a considerable portion of the deck aims to be casting things for free off of Burning-Tree Emissary and Hidden Herbalists, or pumping for free with Mutagenic Growth.

  • 13x Fetches: We need to be able to trigger Revolt and fix colors adequately to turn on Nacatl and Kird Ape.

  • Basics: 1 Mountain and 1 Forest, since these are the most important two colors in the deck and sideboard.

  • Shocks: 1 of each Shock.


The most powerful chains I've had so far are the following:

  • T1 Goblin Guide, T2 Herbalists, Herbalists, Burning-Tree, Bushwhacker. Opponent was left at 2 life at the end of turn 2.
  • T1 Nacatl, T2 Herbalists, Herbalists, Narnam Renegade.
  • T1 Nacatl, T2 Herbalists, Herbalists, Burning-Tree, Burning-Tree, T3 Atarka's Command, Mutagenic Growth to deal 21 damage on T3 alone.
  • Results from testing the deck online, with histograms of power cast/onboard and opponent's life after 2 and 3 turns.
  • Results from testing with Manamorphose instead of Mutagenic Growth. Manamorphose felt more explosive, but not as strong as Mutagenic.

Cards that aren't Keyser Soze

  • Goblin Bushwhacker: The original Bushwhacker requires RR mana in order to pump the team. The earliest that this could happen in this deck is on T3. Goblin Bushwhacker can be Surged off of Burning-Tree Emissary (which can be chained from Hidden Herbalists itself) on turn 2 or can be Surged off of Hidden Herbalists on T3 with 3 lands. The deck is already playing 8 pump the team spells in Bushwhacker and Atarka's Command. Because the original Bushwhacker is too hard to cast, it is not included in the deck.



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