Menace thematic. Check that curve. Check that budget. Damnnnn

Sedgemoor Witch makes free blockers that give me some life, and a great way to maximize the sacrifice effect of Dreadmalkin, which in turn facilitates Fatal Push. Sonorous Howlbonder amplifies the effect of every menace ability and makes creatures even harder to block, and Labyrinth Raptor thins the opponents’ board. Silent Arbiter acts to make menace creatures effectively unblockable.

Nightbird's Clutches and Hammerhand undermine opponents’ efforts to block. Stun and Renegade Tactics serve this function as well, while also offering draw power. Even better, Tentative Connection clears away their blockers and adds offensive power cheaply. It works even better when the creature stolen this way is sacrificed though Dreadmalkin.


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