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Spellslingin' Token Makin' Sharknado

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All feedback welcome and appreciated!

The goal of this deck is to do Bant copy/populate tokens in a fun new way using cards like metallurgic summoning, shark typhoon, and Deekah, fractal theorist. We have many cards that create token copies of our creatures, and sakashima of a thousand faces is always available from the command zone if you need a target to copy- he can become near anything on the board!

Made a few different iterations of this deck, it has always been my absolute favorite because it is something I made and haven't seen many others do. But I have never really had a commander that fit well. The last iteration also focused on copying creatures with tokens and using populate, but was helmed by Roon and more creature heavy using ETB effects to generate tokens. I was looking online and saw someone suggest Sidar and Sakishima. This is my take on a Bant token theme deck that aims to copy and populate the tokens it makes. This deck has a spellslinging type theme where our goal is to ramp early and to (hopefully) cast Metallurgic Summoning or Shark Typhoon, if not then big token generators like finale of glory, koma, tendershoot dryad, etc. (The landbase is just a placeholder until I get back home to my deck and get the correct list) Am I relying too much on 3 cards out of 100? Almost definitely.

Clever Impersonator and Replication technique let us make copies of our key generators like shark typhoon. Mirrormade and estrids invocation are on the maybelist because this deck would benefit from additional copies of metallurgic summoning and shark typhoon, but I am not sure if they're worth it yet.

Also on the maybelist is other populate cards that are good but tend to flop, a few eternalize targets which synergize well, etc. Please share any thoughts you have, especially about any of the cards on the maybelist I haven't had much of a chance to use. I really want to make this deck as fun as possible! Thanks so much y'all!

This deck is not competitive as my playgroup is more on the casual side and doesn't do infinite combos.


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