This is a cool deck idea I had revolving around Sphere of Safety and the detain ability.

Im running 24 lands with 3 of them being shocklands and 3 being Hallowed Fountain .

For enchantments I have 4 Sphere of Safety's. This card is basically how I survive for hours. Just having 3 out forces the opponent to tap 9 land to attack with one creature. This is a stalling card that makes it hard for people to attack me. The three Martial Law 's provide a good source of detaining in case people are able to attack. Ethereal Armor is a great card with this deck because it 1) counts as an enchantment for the SoS and 2)can be used with Bruna, Light of Alabaster. My final enchantment is Detention Sphere which takes care of token/zombie decks. It also helps to get rid of 4 Huntsmaster of the Felds for the price of 3 mana.

To increase the game time and build up anchantments Sleep can be an easy way to keep an opponent from doing anything with creatures. I also loved the idea of Supreme Verdict because a game with this deck is fine without any creatures, so I could use this card if there were a ton of creatures on the field, and my side would still have enchantments. This would also make the opponent be open for attack if I had a 1,2 or 3 drop creature.

With the instants I found that Blustersquall Was extremely useful becasue it is like sleep except as an instant. Again great way to keep the game stalling.

The creatures I chose each served their own purpose. Archon is a nifty way to detain creatures that have reach, flying or are strong. Azorius Justiciar Is vital because it detains 2 creatures when entering the battlefield. This combined with Conjurer's Closet Again detains 2 creatures automatically each turn. Lyev Skynight can be used to detain planeswalkers or another permanent. Judge's Familiar is such a fun way to counter spells and is only a 1 drop. Finally Bruna is another easy way to win with because with the auras she can get up to +16/+16 with all the enchantments on the field. She also can be used to freely attach auras to her (increasing mana paid to attack by SoS).

This deck is overall extremely fun to play with. I am thinking about adding more auras to it so if anyone knows any that would be useful please tell me. Also thinking about Sphinx's Revelation. Input?.... Maybe the Builder's Blessing into my deck too.

Any help on this deck is great and +1 s are appreciated as well!

Thanks to everyone who already helped me on this deck.


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New instants and less creatures.


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