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Standard* Aggro Combo G/U (Simic)




Used this deck in a couple FNMs. I have won a couple times. I like how undying re-triggers evolve. I tend to move counters around to save myself with my undying creatures. I seem to have trouble with when my opponents start flying. Added some stuff to the sideboard but I feel weaknesses. Could use some help.



brianbear says... #1

i do love the idea of undying + Zameck Guildmage .

Stormbound Geist !!! although the 2 blue isn't great. Maybe these guys in place ofSpectral Flight and a 3rd in place of Rapid Hybridization . Might have to find room for a 4th Zameck as well.

There is always Fog Bank for solid defense, and even Hover Barrier may have a place here, it is sure to evolve your creatures well into the game.

Other ideas:Deadly Recluse - not good at evolving your creatures, but has decent synergy with pit fight. If you can put it into the battlefield with extra counters you can rancor him for that great deathtouch/trample effect. Very underrated card in general.

and Silklash Spider - will evolve your creatures with its 7 toughness. the two green doesn't seem too bad by turn 5 either. excellent against a token fliers deck.

i would say silklash is the least playable due to its high cost. The fog bank does not seem to fit too well either.

April 4, 2013 12:40 a.m.

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