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Turn 1 Win But It's LEGAL

Legacy Combo Infinite Combo Mill


Copied deck, I took out Gitaxian Probe and increased some cards. Have fun!

((from here, copied from original description. it's a guide to win!))

Looks awkward right?! Well it's actually quite simple:

1) Use card draws and mana creators to play Balustrade Spy or Undercity Informer and mill your entire deck because you have no lands.

2) 4 Narcomoeba will come back to the battlefield as a result of the mill and flasback Dread Return by sacrificing three Narcomoebas. Target Angel of Glory's Rise to get Azami, Lady of Scrolls and Laboratory Maniac into the battlefield from your graveyard, since you are completely milled.

3) Tap one of them and win. On turn one. 40% of the time.

Rest in Peace and Deathrite Shaman suck! But with this sideboard you no longer rely on your graveyard.

Take out all Undercity Informer , Balustrade Spy , Dread Return , Narcomoeba , Laboratory Maniac etc and bring in the Goblin Charbelcher , Lion's Eye Diamond , Grim Monolith , Tinder Wall and Spoils of the Vault . Since you have no land, Goblin Charbelcher does 50ish damage to your opponent while they think they've got you beat with their Rest in Peace !


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