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Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats! HO!

Modern* Counters Lifegain




So this is a little something fun I cooked up! One of my friends asked why I just didn't make a Green/White Life gain that flowed around Thragtusk, Conjurer's Closet & Rhox Faithmender so I figured why not!

...and of course Ajani, Caller of the Pride! CATS!!!!!!!!

Now with all the Return to Ravnica cards out I couldn't not add to this!

I will go into greater detail on this deck later...

This is still a work in progress... Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! :D

Like me know if you think some maybe's will work or not... Side board help is always appreciated as well.


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So I have seen a lot of decks with this idea floating around... I guess great minds think alike! :P

Only thing I am missing is the shock land :' (

I will get my hands on some soon!


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