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So hopefully with a not a stupid deck name, this deck will get a few more views because it rocks so hard. I came upon it because of my hatred for my entire meta net decking and coming in with 28 copies of a delver deck they saw place at the last GP or starcity event. I ran into Seance drafting Dark Ascension and when I started putting together the deck it was really just to work around stuff. But then I tapped into its true nature and its nuts. Seance effectively becomes a rebound mechanic in standard. Yes, I am aware that I must exile the card at the end of my turn, but by that point the dame is either over or close to being over, because I take control in the matter of a turn. Seance lets you take every creature you play and effectively give it flash (being that it can also be play to disrupt their turn at the beginning of their upkeep) coupled with the fact that every creature has a boardstate or ETB ability of serious caliber you end up doing amazing things. As a matter of fact I have Bonfire of the Damned for 30-36 damage on multiple occasions between turns 6-7. While the deck is not meant to ramp, it has the ability to do so quite well thanks to Solemn Simulacrum hitting the field turn 3 after a turn two Sphere of the Suns . A turn 4 Seance means that you get to swing away with solemn or have him back to block in case, but wither way, he dies, and comes back the next turn getting you another land and a chump blocker....for zero mana. from there, its just a matter of seeing which creatures to choose to hard cast and which ones to exile and put into play for free. I have had a few close calls, but I almost ALWAYS stabilize no matter what the board state because there is something in my deck for every threat in the format and having your graveyard become an extension of you hand is SOOOO valuable. I pick apart control, because this is essentially a counter-control control deck. I could care less if you Mana Leak my creatures, because you still will see them...the very next turn. also, I am not worried about bounce spells like Vapor Snag because while I guess they do set me back a little and they might cause me to lose a life, but with all the tremendous ETB effects I have, I really won't mind getting 3 uses out of a creature instead of just the normal two....lol!When M13 comes out, and Volcanic Geyser is reprinted, This deck will be on a whole other level because I will be able to ramp to turn 5, exile a Solemn Simulacrum on my turn, exile Gisela, Blade of Goldnight if you try to remove her, I just respond with the Volcanic Geyser and you take 10-12 to the dome trying to kill something that was otherwise already going away. And there is virtually no downside because if you let her stay, if you have lethal damage on the field, SO WHAT, not anymore...I'm preventing more than half of it and I am still going to dome you for 10-12 at the end of your turn.

The interactions with my graveyard are strictly exiling to put a token into play that is a copy, so I do not get stopped by Grafdigger's Cage. believe me, should you have the cards to try this deck out, I HIGHLY recommend you give it a go, if not at FNM, but at least in casual a few times to see how well it does against top tier decks

thanks for looking everyone! ENjoy


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So, this is for everyone who ISN'T looking at my deck lol. This deck is playing really well for me so far, but the hardest thing for me to do is sideboard, and I really do need suggestions for it. Like, my sideboard is OKAY, but I always run into a serious problem when I try to board out things from my deck. I suppose we can come back to that...

The main point of this update is to spread a little bit of awareness in light of how well I have found Dangerous Wager to work with this deck. The thing that poo's on my birthday cake is when I have a hand of 2-3 cards I can't necessarily cast (or at least ones that I have the ability to reap the benefits from earlier than turn 6-7 like Gisela, Blade of Goldnight and Wurmcoil Engine), a Seance out, and one or more Faithless Lootings in the graveyard. Dangerous Wager only lives up to its name if you are desperately looking for an out and have nothing relevant in your hand...but what really got me thinking was the simple fact that I have a much easier time playing a spell and land for the first 3 turns and having my fatties in hand. So why not skip the tediousness of cycling them out and ditch my hand of 3 for two cards at the end of your turn? Not to mention, I can't tell you how many times I get playable cards in hand, just to draw 2 more when I Faithless Looting. Dangerous Wager has won me games simply by the fact that when I cycle out the relevant stuff with Faithless Looting, dump my hand, then try to flashback Faithless Looting I just take the things I drew off the top and dump both into my yard. Dangerous Wager lets me draw two on your turn for 2 cmc if I have 0 cards in hand, and then those Faithless Lootings in my graveyard become OPTIONS instead of just mill cards for myself. The latter has been the idea until now, but Dangerous Wager turns my powerful hand into a bunch of creatures I get to exile from my graveyard with Seance and on top of it, it becomes instant speed card advantage...

Now, its not fun to see more than one in an opening hand which is why I have restricted my count to two, but the are far better than Reforge the Soul in about 80% of match-ups and about 60% of any circumstance I find myself drawing them. Chances are I miracle them on like turn 4 and I don't want that, and with the abundance of delver decks I face, it ends up biting me in the arse unless I win the game that turn. Its a great way to miracle Bonfire of the Damned as well because I never run short of mana with this deck. if a Seance hits the field Solemn Simulacrum gets me 5 land and a Sphere of the Suns by turn 5 more often than not.

...end rant.

My point is Dangerous Wager is one of the best ways I have found to make the most use of Faithless Looting when flashing it back. Food for thought I guess if anyone ever looks at my deck. I swear you will like this deck if you give it a shot! lol


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