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Path of Ramunap [[Competitive Primer]]



So I think with the addition of Path of Mettle  Flip coming to standard, I believe it can be a big changer to the RR deck and give it some crazy late game and value without really changing the structure of R.RED. All of your creatures either have haste or first strike, so sequencing is a breeze where path can becommes a 1 dmg pinger to your opponent and flips really whenever you have a board. The rest is history, kill stuff on their attack step or shock them when they don't attack. Good stuff. If you like this deck, +1 or follow me, test it out and show me some results. Cheers!


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Due to the ban to Ramunap Ruins, I had to change the mana base a tad bit, nothing to serious but now Path of Mettle  Flip is even more reliant for reach. Might have to run one more Hazoret the Fervent for testing.


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