Taking a shot with an Abzan legendary build. With Arvad at the helm everything gets big. Benefits with life gain, tokens from Izoni, and overall good stuff. Not sure how it will work and my land base needs to be better but one step at a time I suppose.


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Woooow so after the test run at FNM I made a couple main board and side board changes (I still need to upload my sideboard). I had no idea what I was going to run into but the night and day prior I tried to make sure for 100% I had at least some answer to anything I may see to include the turn 4 infinite mill stuff (thank you Gaea's Blessing ). Annnyways guess what! This deck got the big W and the playmat! The rounds are as follows.

Round 1 Gruul midrange 2-0 A nice deck without a doubt but once my board was set up especially with Arvad and Lyra and Shalai it was pretty much over. Danitha is a nice early aggro package that easily kills most and if she gets the Arvad boost the 4/4 vigilance life link AND first strike is so awesome. Baird also played his role in game 2 my opponent was hurting on mana and couldn't ever swing with more then a creature at a time if he wanted to cast anything.

Round 2 Dimir Contracts 2-0 I hadn't got to play against a deck like this yet on arena or on paper so I didn't know quite what to expect. A couple times I had to wipe my own stuff just to prevent him from getting hit pieces together. At one point he had three creatures the contract and arcane adaptation on the board. Even though I had lethal on the board I couldn't take any chances of something stupid happening. Overall some really close games. Game two he had TONS of removal but I eventually got a journey onto a llanowar and killed it myself just to bring stuff out of my graveyard.

Round 3 Dimir tokens? 2-0 This deck was something else. Tons of removal and draw. Jace spam for illusion tokens and huge death touch/hexproof creatures for defense and attack. It was pretty damn interesting and worked really well. If I didn't have the heart of the cards with my board wipes I would have been screwed hard by a billion 2/2 flying illusions lol.


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