So this is the last deck I'll ever do. I know many won't care but I'm leaving magic. After contemplating the decision for a while it came to head at a tournament when halg way through I realized I was not spending time with my wife and instead wasting time playing tournaments. I also asked myseof a serious question; where do I want to go with this. Am I just playing casually or competitively and if I'm not playing competitively why am I spending so much money on cards?

I dropped from the tournament at round 3 and sold all my decks I had with me. Then I sold all my other cards and deck boxes. I saved one, my beat up white ultra pro on I got when I first started. I then resolved to make 1 single deck and never have any more in terms of cards, decks, and deck boxes.

Its a casual tribal warrior deck thats modern legal (my favorite format). Its nothing special and certainly not competitive. I just want it to hold its own, be fun to play with, fun to play against, and abke to play the odd local tournament if I feel the urge.

The reason I choose this deck is because it reminded me of the deck I won my last game day with. Its enjoyable to play and entertaining to see work.

I appreciate greatly what Magic has given me. I consider it the greatest game. Ive played casually and competitively from anywhere to local tournaments up to opens. I dont think I ever put into the game what it has given me. To a degree I will miss much of what this game is. I loved all the feedback I got from my decks and think the community is really great.

Tappedout has been such a great tool for deckbuilding and has really helped me evolve as a builder and player. You guys have helped me get through deck building issues and provided good feedback to better my skill.

Thank you to everyone and I wish you the best.


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