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Modern Combo Infinite Combo Tokens Tribal U/B (Dimir) Vampires



HOW MANY VAMPIRES DO YOU HAVE?!?! This is a question that your opponents are likely to ask when you play this deck. I came up with the idea for this deck a little after I started playing magic and loved vampires(which was around the time Kaladesh was released), and let's be honest, I still love vampires. So, I decided to figure out a way to make infinite vampires, and thus this deck was born.

Basically this deck attempts to make infinite vampires and swing for lethal.

At base value the combo is Bloodline Keeper + Intruder Alarm , and it is a combo I really love because it's not one that I've really seen places. Basically the plan is to get out Intruder Alarm first, followed the next turn by Bloodline Keeper  Flip. Once they both are down the next turn you pump out a ton of vampires, flip to Lord of Lineage and hopefully swing for lethal.
Since we run a full playset of Intruder Alarm and Bloodline Keeper  Flip it shouldn't be too hard draw into the combo or have it in our openeing hand. However, if the cards somehow get tucked or we can't draw into them we have cards to help us find them. However, instead of running direct tutors I have decided to run cards that have "Transmute" instead.

To protect the combo we have a diverse suite of removal to cover everything from early game, to indestructible, to Planeswalkers.

  • Dismember :This can take out a creature with indestructible, or just provide a nice 1 mana of any color kill spell if I'm short on mana.

  • Fatal Push : Can take care of early threats that have the potential to get even worse late game.

To protect the combo I also run some control cards as well.

  • Countersquall : Just a nice 2 mana counter that will also make my opponent lose life.

  • Thoughtseize : This is honestly one of my favorite cards. For the mere price of 2 life I can get rid of something in my opponent's hand that could become a problem down the road.

  • Spellskite : This card is crucial in protecting my combo. Oh, you had a removal spell? Too bad it hits this instead.

These are just some cards that don't fit into the above categories, but deserve to be mentioned.

From experience I have found that this deck has 2 main weaknesses:

  1. Tempo: This is very bad for the deck, it cripples you by making it so that you can never get Bloodline Keeper  Flip to stick and produce your tokens. When facing this your best bet is to hold up mana to counter their spells or wait until they are tapped out (no pun intended).

  2. -X/-X Sweepers/Boardwipes: This can be very bad for the deck, especially if they are at instant speed. We rely on our creature to kill the opponent! To counter this we must either counter their spells or swap in Blood Artist .

The sideboard tries to anticipate bad match-ups and plan accordingly. I can't plan for everything, but I might as well try (this can obviously be adjusted according to your meta).

  • Blood Artist : This card is vital to protect against matches where you opponent may have an abundance of sweepers or boardwipes (as explained above). Unless this goes first a sweeper will be painful, if not downright deadly for your opponent.

  • Collective Brutality : This card can act as removal for a pesky creature, or take some scary spells out of our opponent's hand. I don't think much needs to be said here.

  • Disallow : Good in a control match-up, or if my opponent tries to combo off through some ability.

  • Mana Leak : Again, just some extra help in a control match-up or if my opponents have some permanents that I won't be able to remove later.

  • Victim of Night / Hero's Downfall : Just some more removal for the deck in case we need it. Victim of Night will be able to hit pretty much everything we come across (plus, it has the bonus of being super flavorful). Hero's Downfall can hit Planeswalkers if I can't remove them through combat for some weird reason.

I hope you like the deck! Comments and suggestions are highly encouraged. And since you made it this far, you may as well leave an upvote too!

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Updates Add

I've added a primer to the deck, which I think turned out pretty decent (at least I'm pretty sure that it's considered a primer).

I've also just tweaked/updated the deck to make it more streamlined and just overall better. This includes making the mana base better by include a playset of Watery Grave and a playset of Drowned Catacomb so that lands won't have to enter tapped and the deck can play faster.

Thanks to everyone for making this possible!



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