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(GRN) Golgari's Uprising

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This is my Golgari deck, it's based around being recursive and value oriented. I'm trying to make it as competitive as possible so any and all advice is welcome.

The explore mechanic works very well with Wildgrowth Walker which is why I've added it along side Seekers' Squire and Jadelight Ranger which helps the deck fill my graveyard and smooth draws. Being able to repeatedly bring cards back from the graveyard makes this deck increasingly resilient and threatening as the game goes on. Carnage Tyrant is there to be a big beater who also happens to be very good against the other golgari decks and control decks that seem to be taking over my local fnm. The planeswalkers are there because all are pretty good and create significant card and board advantages.


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Played this deck before and during my fnm and made some adjustments. The biggest surprise was just how hard I was consistently flooding on lands due to all my explore triggers so I ended up cutting lands till I settled on 22 total. I know that sounds low but after play testing with it I actually believe it's right. I added a couple of Ritual of Soot main board because of all the aggro I could expect and ended up cutting 2 Golgari Raiders for Golgari Findbroker s so I'd have a decent body and more recursion. For my first trial run the deck did pretty well going 3-1.


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