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With Golgari coming out in, +1/+1 counters are going to be flying around with Corpsejack Menace. Obviously my biggest threat to overcome is the high level of removal that will be after my counter heavy creatures, but with 2x, 4x, 8x, and even 16x counters going down... only one creature should need to get through. Blessings of Nature and Increasing Savagery will quickly turn the creatures I have put in the deck into unstoppable Juggernauts.

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord has been replaced by Essence Harvest as my second win condition. It provides a quick finisher if my opponent can be killed by one of my creatures, but has a blocker... and even if the Essence Harvest doesn't kill my opponent, the life gain it provides can quickly stabilize a game long enough for me to position myself for the kill.

Champion of Lambholt is there to gain counters quick and make all my creatures unblockable.

Deathrite Shaman was a card I had overlooked until the pre-release event, where I got 2 out and was able to chew up my opponents graveyard to either gain life or deal damage. An amazing card that will prevent an opponent from scavenging, using flashback, or otherwise using their graveyard to their advantage.

Constructive comments are welcome. (and of course +1's are welcome)


A better night of FNM with this deck. All the changes I made to the deck were well received.

Match 1: Win (2-0)

I played against solid Loleth Troll scavenge deck.

Game 1: He didn't draw any creatures, missed creatures with Grisly Salvage. and overall just wasn't drawing anything useful. I put down a Vampire Nighthawk on turn 3 and played Increasing Savagery on turn 4 for a severe beating. It was over on turn 6.

Game 2: He got a Lotleth Troll out early and started discarding scavenge creatures to the troll. As he dropped me to 3 life, he tapped out and I was able to Murder the troll without fear of regeneration. After that, I put a Dreg Mangler out and caught Blessings of Nature on a miracle and that was the end of the game.

Match 2: Loss (0-2)

G/W Ramp. Lots of mana elves to build up mana to put out Armada Wurms.

Game 1: He got an Armada Wurm out early and I couldn't defend against it.

Game 2: I had to peel my jaw off the floor after what happen in this round. Of course he started out early with lots of mana elves. Then he surprised me with a Sublime Archangel and paired it with Silverblade Paladin and swung for 22 flying on turn 5.

Match 3: Win (2-0)

A B/R deck with very little synergy. This match wasn't very memorable, he didn't seem to have focus and was crushed in each game

Match 4: Win (2-1)

A red goblin deck with Krenko, Mob Boss as the center of the deck.

Game 1: I was unable to get any green mana and I had a hand full of green cards. So I sat and watched as he trampled me with goblins.

Game 2: I got my green mana this round and was able to get creatures built up. Golgari Charm took care of the token goblins and Murder took care of Krenko, Mob Boss for me. After that I was able to crush him with my counter stacked creatures.

Game 3: Same as game 2

Match 5: Loss (1-2)

A Rakdos flavored RDW. Using Stromkirk Noble and Hellrider as the primary attackers.

Game 1: Primordial Hydra crushes small creatures, especially when you pair it with Increasing Savagery. He scooped immediately after I hit 10 counters

Game 2: He boarded in a lot of direct damage spells to kill my creatures before I could build up any counters. After all my creatures were killed, I was easy pickings.

Game 3: He had also boarded in Traitorous Blood and took control of a counter stacked Predator Ooze. and killed me with it.

All in all it was a good night with a 3-2 overall. I was happy with all of the changes and I thinking about a few more changes. Once I have made up my mind, I will list the changes.

A rough night at FNM magic for sure, but very educational.

Match 1: Win (2-0)

A patchwork Jund deck that had no specific theme. Some scavenge, some defender, some fast aggro...the deck just had no apparent flow to it. Both games he put up a weak defense and was quickly killed. It just wasn't a memorable match.

Match 2: Loss (1-2)

G/R Werewolves. Primarily using Immerwolf and Mayor of Avabruck  Flip to boost what few creatures he played. It was very apparent that we were evenly matched.

Game 1: He had zero response for creatures that I was playing, but used Moonmist to keep me from dealing any damage. He got a last minute Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip that gave him the life gain he needed to survive my final attack (leaving him at 2 life), then he attacked back for the kill.

Game 2: After mulliganing down to 6, I came on very strong from the beginning with a Predator Ooze, Primordial Hydra, and Champion of Lambholt. He couldn't block because of the champion, so he swung out and brought me down to 3. I finished him off the following turn.

Game 3: I drew nothing but Swamps, so I couldn't cast anything. I was easy pickings with no blockers and was quickly killed. A very disappointing game 3 after two extremely close matches

Match 3: Loss (2-0)

A U/W Control deck. The only creatures in the deck were Restoration Angel and Snapcaster Mage.

Game 1: Nothing I cast ever hit the table... everything was countered. He paired up a Restoration Angel with Runechanter's Pike and the game was over.

Game 2: This game I had a hand that allowed me to cast multiple spells each turn, so I could actually cast spells successfully. Once Deathrite Shaman got on the table, I was able to strike back by destroying his graveyard. I had him down to 2 life and he pulled a last minute life gain back to 10 (I forget which card it was). I worked him back down to 4 before he paired Restoration Angel with Runechanter's Pike again and finished me off.

Match 4: Loss (2-0)

RDW. This match was very frustrating because both games I drew creatureless hands. And if you don't get early creatures on the board against RDW... well then the red deck wins.

Match 5: Win (2-1)

G/W Centaur Tokens.

Game 1: I got Deathrite Shaman on turn 1 and hit Blessings of Nature on a miracle on turn 2. Needless to say, the 5/6 creature on turn 2 made short work of him.

Game 2: I was hitting the same stride as Game 1, but he Selesnya Charm'ed all my creatures as I built them up. With my board kept clear, I was overrun by tokens.

Game 3: For some reason I can''t remember which creatures I had out, but I hit two miracle Blessings of Nature early in the game and he didn't have the Selesnya Charms he needed to kill my creatures. Making game 3 very quick.

So the final tally for the night was 2-3. Considering this is the first chance I have had to play this deck at FNM, I guess it isn't horrible. I learned a lot and will be thinking about ways to overcome some of the difficulties I encountered.


Xenomorph says... #1

Amazing deck, can anything replace predator ooze? Trying not to spend a ton.

July 18, 2014 10:53 p.m.

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