When I came across Hungry Lynx I instantly thought of Crypt Rats and decided to look into this deck idea.

The deck revolves around Hungry Lynx. Get this cat into play early, and let it build up a small army of rats behind enemy lines - they won't bother you much since your cats have protection. Use Golgari Charm or Crypt Rats to destroy the rat tokens (and potentially more; a Crypt Rats equipped with Basilisk Collar can wipe all your opponent's creatures for ) for a wealth of +1/+1 counters, then swing for victory!

Nacatl War-Pride provides an alternative win condition and combos beautifully with Pride Sovereign. If your opponents have any rat tokens in play when you drop Nacatl War-Pride, those will help you get a bigger army of Nacatl copies! And if you happen to have Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist in play, things can really get out of hand as only one of your Nacatls can be blocked.

Prowling Serpopard, Canopy Cover, Lightning Greaves and Unearth protect/recur your key pieces, and Alpha Status can provide a decent beater/blocker in the early game, or a finisher with the right combo. Phyrexian Arena is there to speed things up a bit and increase the odds of having everything you need on hand and board.

That's my recipe, now go beat your buddies with Cats & Rats!

Comments and suggestions are welcome :)

Please note my decks are always built for casual, vintage legal, budget friendly, free for all multiplayer games. Games are typically longer, making mana heavy cards more viable, and house rules guarantee a starting hand with at least two lands. If there's a card with a price tag greater than $5 it's because I happened to have a copy or two lying around.

PS: I mostly use this site for play testing and rarely make my decks visible publicly, so if I made any mistakes with formatting, hubs or the like, kindly let me know.


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