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Brewing Modern on a Budget: Modern Foggy Swans

Modern Budget Competitive Control RW (Boros) Tempo TurboFog



Hello all! Welcome to another chapter of Brewing with modern! This time, were looking at building a competitive budget build using Swans of Bryn Argoll. This deck is an idea of a friend of mine and I want to see if it actually has a chance as a deck to play at our local FNM.

What this deck wants to do is utilize burn spells combined with some fogs in order to stay alive until the deck can pull out a swan and burn the swan to gain a ton of card advantage and swing in with swans from the air while preventing your opponent from getting damage on you.


Angelsong: A Fog effect we can use to cycle through our deck is one of the better plays we can make with this deck.

Dawn Charm : Gives us a chance against certain combo builds, doubles as a fog effect, and can actually save us from getting killed by a great deal of things.

Gitaxian Probe: One of the best turn 1 plays we can make with putting out a temple turn 1, probe allows us to see exactly what were up against for the small price of paying 2 life.

Holy Day: The white fog, somewhat necessary in a turbofog deck.

Swans of Bryn Argoll: This is the build around card for this deck, swans is impervious to damage, and thus can only be killed by something like dismember or path to exile, swans allows us to have a virtually unkillable blocker, as well as a 4 damage a turn to an opponent that we can save ourselves from dying thanks to fog effects. The other reason why this card is such a key thing to have is because it is our only real way of card advantage in the deck, because unlike most turbofog builds, we are actually using a creature to draw a ton of cards at once by targeting swans with burn spells in order to gain more cards.

Boros Charm: A burn spell that can help us burn out our opponent or protect swans.

Lightning Bolt: a 1 cmc burn spell we can use to kill a creature, hit our opponent's face, or draw 3 cards off of it from swans.

Lightning Helix : Just like lightning bolt, helix has virtually the same capabilities, it just gains us 3 life on the side.

Seismic Assault : If we have swans on the battlefield, this card allows our deck to have consistent card advantage and cycle through our deck so we can find the cards we need to close out the game.

Battlefield Forge, Inspiring Vantage, Sacred Foundry, Temple of Triumph: A ton of dual lands allow the deck to have easy mana fixing.

Mountain, Plains: We got the basics


Blessed Alliance: A versatile card that gives us an edge against decks like Bogles, Infect, burn, and many other prominent modern archetypes.

Rebuff the Wicked : We need to protect swans, and this card lets us do just that. something like Gods Willing would also work.

Rest in Peace: Grave hate.

Runed Halo: You can play either this or leyline, really the sideboard tech should be focused on your meta.

Stony Silence: Artifact hate.


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