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Modern Mono Green Infect Budget

Modern Aggro Competitive Infect Mono-Green


Although I doubt this deck needs any explanation here we go.

Apostle's Blessing: Is used to give protection to our infect creatures so we can pump and end the game quickly.

Blight Mamba: Small Green Infect Creature, will be pumped up to swing for game.

Forest: We need lands

Giant Growth: A solid green pump spell

Glistener Elf: Tiniest Infect creature that green has to offer us.

Groundswell: Strong pump spell that works well with lands.

Ichorclaw Myr: A fun infect creature that only grows stronger when we attack.

Mutagenic Growth: This card is used for Turn 2 wins, as we can simply pay life to win the game easily.

Plague Myr: Another infect creature.

Predator's Strike: One of our best pump spells, gives both trample and +3/+3

Rancor: Our pump creatures will love having this ability

Vines of Vastwood: Hexproof and +4/+4 are very very nice.

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Modern Mono Green Infect Budget



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