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Are you tired of playing against decks like Tron, Scapeshift, and Eldrazi decks that just don't play fair in the world of Magic? Want to try out a really inexpensive build that can crush your opponent's as soon as turn 2? Then try out MONO-RED BLITZ!

This list was made by SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish a few years ago, and due to the banning of Gitaxian Probe, I know theres some people still trying to use those cards from that UR Prowess deck.


This deck's plan is pretty simple, keep an opening hand that has a creature, play said creature, play a bunch of pump spells, and swing for game as soon as turn 2! Sounds fun right?


The Creatures

Blistercoil Weird: While it is far worse than it's counterpart, Monastery Swiftspear, Blistercoil is a creature that has what is effectively prowess on a 1/1 Body, making it an alright choice to play on turn 1, and likely kill on turn 3, depending on the hand. With Amonkhet coming out, Soul-Scar Mage is the best replacement for this card.

Monastery Swiftspear: Swiftspear is the best possible turn 1 play you could ask for when playing this deck, Swiftspear is what allows this deck to kill an opponent on turn 2.

Kiln Fiend: For those of you who have played UR Prowess, you know this creature all too well. Kiln Fiend can easily swing for tons of damage, the only issue is that unliek out other creatures, it dies to Spell Snare a premier control card in many blue decks, as well as the fact it isn't coming down turn 1, making the turn 2 kill impossible.

The Spells

This deck plays tons of insane pump spells similar to infect to get a quick kill.

Titan's Strength: +3/+1 and a scry effect is pretty relevent in a deck where if we draw more then 2-3 lands, were likely dead.

Brute Force: Red's Giant Growth, a must have for this pump spell deck.

Mutagenic Growth: Grwoth is the "free" spell that makes a lot of magic happen, as it gives so much for the grand price of 2 life.

Desperate Ritual: We sometimes need an extra mana and prowess trigger to win us the game.

Apostle's Blessing: Since we are not playing Green, and do not have access to cards like Vines of the Vastwood, Blessing is a necessary evil if we are going to win the game.

Manamorphose The extra prowess trigger with a draw we can use to play that last double strike spell to win the game. If you don't think you can afford this card, Nivmagus Elemental is another option you could use to improve creature consistency instead of prowess consistency.

Assault Strobe & Temur Battle Rage: These spells are what this deck exceptionally explosive, as a creature with 9 power can end the game when you play either of these cards.

The Lands

Mountains... The mana base is what makes this deck so cheap.


Akroan Crusader: does Blessed Alliance and other card have ya down? Why not simply go wide instead of with haymakers and simply over run your opponent with creatures.

Gut Shot: Good against decks like this one, as well as giving more free prowess triggers.

Lightning Bolt: To burn our opponent or their creatures.

Smash to Smithereens: Ensnaring Bridge isn't very nice.

Young Pyromancer: The real "go wide" plan, pyromancer gives us the ability to get around cards like blessed alliance by simply pumping tokens at our opponent.


You can check out the article yourself here:


Check out my profile @ Sargeras for more budget decks and brews!


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