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Big Brakdosi, The



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Bryan "The Dude" Brakdosi awoke one morning to several cultists worshiping him. They claim Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch has been out tapping mana with some of those "Simic" nerds. After peeing on his Boros Guildgate they realize, they are actually seeking Rakdos, Lord of Riots a demon that can practically piss fire, and not some washed up hippie, and leave.

The Dude tells his tale to his Slaughter Games buddies. Together they decide Rakdos, Lord of Riots , owes Bryan a new guildgate. Thus begins the tale of ... Big Brakdosi, The.

How to Abide

I wanted to update my Heartless Summoning deck to something that will be playable in the post Return to Ravnica standard, so decided to mess with a mixture of new cards. The primary engine for the deck is Heartless Summoning and the idea is to get large game changing creatures on the field as quickly as possible.

Bloodgift Demon draw ability and Charmbreaker Devils bouncing burn and removal back to your hand to reuse helps to generate card advantage.
Archwing Dragon has good avoidance and great synergy with the new Utvara Hellkite , creating tokens to ramp up the pressure.
The deck features a full suite of burn / removal spells to keep the board controlled early on as the deck takes a few turns to set up it's offense. Magmaquake is a good board clear that leaves the fliers safely in play, and Olivia Voldaren can ping pesky creatures or snatch reinforcements for you in later game. Faithless Looting and Unburial Rites can grab larger creatures out of the graveyard if needed, with just enough white mana sources to flashback for extra reanimation.

The decks name is a play on the classic movie "The Big Lebowski" which, by itself should be enough to get this deck 100 upvotes! I mean, it features Rakdos himself as "The Dude"!

All comments and recommendations are appreciated, please Upvote +1 if you like the deck! Thanks!


New Direction — Nov. 22, 2013

Updated the deck to Current Standard. I don't have much Theros / M14 at my disposal yet, so the maybeboard is a combination shopping list / idea board. Old Comments Archived - Thanks to everyone for your contributions!

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