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I first tried to make a Selesnya Midrange deck, but I found that it really lacked the extra element to make it more than just a good deck. I then thought bout splashing in another color and decided that Blue would be the best for my style of play.

There are plenty of ways to gain life in order to stabilize against fast aggro decks. Then it just beats down with a large amount of 3+ power creatures.

Invisible Stalker works incredibly well with Sublime Archangel. Even just throwing Rancor on your stalker is a reliable win-con.

Syncopate is there to slow down fast aggro deck or to protect against boardwipes like Terminus.

Selesnya Charm and Azorius Charm are, in my opinion the two best charms and I am very glad to be able to utilize their versatility in this deck at the same time.



Eskimole says... #1

You face the problem of being board-wiped. Obviously, you can't do much against Supreme Verdict as is can't be countered and you don't have access to Golgari Charm . However, I would definitely recommend Dissipate rather than Syncopate against Terminus in case they miracle it. If they happen to do so and you have a Syncopate in hand, you probably won't have the mana to counter it. And it gets exiled, which can also help against Snapcaster Mage .

October 13, 2012 10:52 p.m.

Geoxis says... #2

I know this deck is probably made out of cards you already own, but I would suggest moving multiple Detention Sphere to your main board. Get's rid of ALL the Vampire Nighthawk :)

October 14, 2012 2:24 p.m.

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